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#188 Interrupted (host rest) somebody defect critical all
#121 smartd fails to report disk failure if a disk doesn't respond anymore Christian Franke defect major smartd
#152 Sometimes smartd does not complaints about errors by email somebody defect major smartd
#155 Error SMART Status command failed somebody defect major all
#190 request to provide source code somebody enhancement major smartctl
#220 --set options for smartd somebody enhancement major Release 5.43 smartd
#246 SMART detecting defect? somebody defect major smartctl
#248 SSD disks wrong monitoring somebody defect major smartd
#251 smartctl segfaults on OpenBSD-powerpc Christian Franke defect major smartctl
#271 diffrent responces from SMARTCTL somebody defect major all
#276 Getting SMART from LSI 9201 and SAS expanders somebody defect major all
#294 what is difference between 6.1 and 5.38 somebody defect major smartctl
#319 SMART attribute differences between Windows and Linux somebody defect major drivedb
#341 smartd tries to send Email even though it was not configured to do so. defect major smartd
#598 Windows hangs after smartd is started defect major smartd
#603 smartmontools trunk fails to build on osx/darwin after changes in r4067 Christian Franke defect major all
#1013 -M exec overrides -M <others> defect major smartd
#1134 Read NVMe SMART/Health Information failed: NVMe Status 0x6002 defect major Release 7.0 all
#1237 segfault issues after upgrading to 7.0-1 defect major smartctl
#25 SCSI pass through for SMART via USB on MacOSX smartmontools? 3rd party code available! cooties enhancement minor all
#137 Freeze with Intel X18-M/X25-M/X25-V G2 SSDs somebody defect minor all
#138 -V and --version don't report the version somebody defect minor smartctl
#157 More improvements on Sandforce-based disks. Christian Franke enhancement minor drivedb
#219 regression: segfault on arm since 5.39 somebody defect minor smartctl
#238 Support Non-rotating Media Test somebody enhancement minor Release 6.0 smartctl
#269 Change standby (spindown) timer of WDEARS20 somebody defect minor all
#275 vc10 project file missing files somebody defect minor all
#290 New attribute format raw8/raw32 Christian Franke enhancement minor all
#301 please improve Selective Self-Tests using smartd/smartctl Christian Franke defect minor smartd
#333 smartctl -i should give WWN for SATA somebody enhancement minor all
#486 smartctl tool is giving error ----- " Error Counter logging not supported Device does not support Self Test logging " while fetching the life of SSD. Dinesh Rathee defect minor smartctl
#539 email notify when №5 and №188 attr non-zero enhancement minor smartd
#618 Add Crucial_CT960M500SSD1 to database enhancement minor Release 6.4 drivedb
#646 Add Seagate ST2000VN000-1HJ164 to the drivedb enhancement minor drivedb
#707 New Seagate Barracuda ST5000DM000 device not in database enhancement minor Release 6.5 drivedb
#757 WDC-WD80EZZX-11CSGA0 enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#777 Not in databse: HP MB4000GCWLV enhancement minor drivedb
#779 SMART attribute 22 in WD RED drives enhancement minor Release 6.6 drivedb
#788 Add temperature raw value in syslog, only log if normalized "health" value is below 100% Christian Franke task minor all
#811 Replace -d scsi by -d sat, due to "no SMART info" by -d scsi, when use smartctl --scan defect minor smartctl
#812 Crucial MX300 SSD M.2 Support enhancement minor Release 6.6 drivedb
#908 Add to database: WDC Black 4TB 2.5'' enhancement minor Release 6.6 drivedb
#924 Add to DB: SanDisk-SD8SN8U-256G-1006 enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#944 WD Hard Drive smartd[484]: Device: /dev/sda [SAT], SMART Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius changed from 102 to 100 defect minor smartd
#960 add WD My Passport 25E2 WDC WD40NMZW-11GX6S1 enhancement minor Release 6.6 drivedb
#1002 add to drivedb: Western Digital USB ID (1058:1078) enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1062 not in smartctl database: Seagate ST8000NM0055 enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1063 smartd_mailer.ps1 does not work defect minor smartd
#1074 add to drivedb: Unknown USB bridge [0x1058:0x25a0 (0x1004)] enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1077 Missing DB entry for Seagate Backup Plus 5TB red enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1100 smartmontools Database: WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 enhancement minor Release 6.0 drivedb
#1108 INTEL SSDSC2KB019T8 enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1121 Intel SSDSCKKB240G8 - Intel S4510 Series - Add to drivedb. enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1122 Intel SSDSCKKB480G8- Intel S4510 Series - add to drivedb enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1123 Intel SSDSCKKB960G8 - Intel S4510 Series - Add to drivedb enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1137 Not in database: Western Digital My Book 25EE idVendor=1058, idProduct=25ee enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1167 wrong temperature in smartd but correct in smartctl defect minor smartd
#1240 CRUCIAL CT1000MX500SSD4 enhancement minor Release 7.0 drivedb
#1248 smartd fails to start when no disks are present defect minor smartd
#1250 Checkout from trunk does not build due to missing header files defect minor all
#213 did not find smartmontools script somebody defect trivial all
#224 Update Seagate links Christian Franke defect trivial Release 5.43 drivedb
#237 0x0472:0x2053 Silicon Power 1TB external USB drive need -d sat by default Christian Franke enhancement trivial Release 6.0 drivedb
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