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TW_Command_9000 Struct Reference

#include <os_linux.h>

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Public Attributes

struct {
   unsigned char   opcode:5
   unsigned char   sgl_offset:3
unsigned char size
unsigned char request_id
struct {
   unsigned char   unit:4
   unsigned char   host_id:4
unsigned char status
unsigned char flags
union {
   unsigned short   block_count
   unsigned short   parameter_count
   unsigned short   message_credits
union {
   struct {
      u32   lba
      TW_SG_Entry   sgl [TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH_9000]
      u32   padding
   }   io
   struct {
      TW_SG_Entry   sgl [TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH_9000]
      u32   padding [2]
   }   param
   struct {
      u32   response_queue_pointer
      u32   padding [125]
   }   init_connection
   struct {
      char   version [504]
   }   ioctl_miniport_version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 148 of file os_linux.h.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned short TW_Command_9000::block_count

Definition at line 164 of file os_linux.h.

struct { ... } TW_Command_9000::byte0
struct { ... } TW_Command_9000::byte3
union { ... } TW_Command_9000::byte6
union { ... } TW_Command_9000::byte8
unsigned char TW_Command_9000::flags

Definition at line 162 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::host_id

Definition at line 158 of file os_linux.h.

struct { ... } TW_Command_9000::init_connection
struct { ... } TW_Command_9000::io
struct { ... } TW_Command_9000::ioctl_miniport_version
u32 TW_Command_9000::lba

Definition at line 170 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned short TW_Command_9000::message_credits

Definition at line 166 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::opcode

Definition at line 151 of file os_linux.h.

u32 TW_Command_9000::padding[125]

Definition at line 172 of file os_linux.h.

struct { ... } TW_Command_9000::param
unsigned short TW_Command_9000::parameter_count

Definition at line 165 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::request_id

Definition at line 155 of file os_linux.h.

u32 TW_Command_9000::response_queue_pointer

Definition at line 179 of file os_linux.h.

TW_SG_Entry TW_Command_9000::sgl[TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH_9000]

Definition at line 171 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::sgl_offset

Definition at line 152 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::size

Definition at line 154 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::status

Definition at line 161 of file os_linux.h.

unsigned char TW_Command_9000::unit

Definition at line 157 of file os_linux.h.

char TW_Command_9000::version[504]

Definition at line 183 of file os_linux.h.

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