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os_linux.h File Reference
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struct  TAG_TW_SG_Entry
struct  TAG_TW_Passthru
struct  TAG_TW_Ioctl
struct  TAG_TW_Output
struct  TAG_TW_Ioctl_Driver_Command_9000
struct  TW_Command_9000
struct  TAG_TW_Command_Apache
struct  TAG_TW_Command_Apache_Header
struct  TAG_TW_Command_Full_9000
struct  TAG_TW_Ioctl_Apache
struct  TW_Command
struct  TAG_TW_New_Ioctl
struct  hd_drive_task_hdr
union  ide_reg_valid_s
struct  ide_task_request_s


#define OS_LINUX_H_CVSID   "$Id: os_linux.h 4431 2017-08-08 19:38:15Z chrfranke $\n"
#define u32   unsigned int
#define TW_OP_ATA_PASSTHRU   0x11
#define MAX(x, y)   ( (x)>(y)?(x):(y) )
#define TW_ATA_PASS_SGL_MAX   60
#define TW_IOCTL   0x80
#define TW_ATA_PASSTHRU   0x1e
#define TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH_9000   61
#define TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH   62
#define TW_CMD_PACKET_WITH_DATA   0x1f
#define TASKFILE_NO_DATA   0x0000
#define TASKFILE_IN   0x0001
#define TASKFILE_OUT   0x0004
#define HDIO_DRIVE_TASK_HDR_SIZE   8*sizeof(task_ioreg_t)
#define IDE_DRIVE_TASK_IN   2
#define IDE_DRIVE_TASK_OUT   3
#define HDIO_DRIVE_CMD   0x031f
#define HDIO_DRIVE_TASK   0x031e
#define HDIO_DRIVE_TASKFILE   0x031d
#define HDIO_GET_IDENTITY   0x030d
#define HPTIO_CTL   0x03ff


typedef struct TAG_TW_SG_Entry TW_SG_Entry
typedef struct TAG_TW_Passthru TW_Passthru
typedef struct TAG_TW_Ioctl TW_Ioctl
typedef struct TAG_TW_Output TW_Output
typedef struct TAG_TW_Ioctl_Driver_Command_9000 TW_Ioctl_Driver_Command_9000
typedef struct TW_Command_9000 TW_Command_9000
typedef struct TAG_TW_Command_Apache TW_Command_Apache
typedef struct TAG_TW_Command_Apache_Header TW_Command_Apache_Header
typedef struct TAG_TW_Command_Full_9000 TW_Command_Full_9000
typedef struct TAG_TW_Ioctl_Apache TW_Ioctl_Buf_Apache
typedef struct TW_Command TW_Command
typedef struct TAG_TW_New_Ioctl TW_New_Ioctl
typedef unsigned char task_ioreg_t
typedef struct hd_drive_task_hdr task_struct_t
typedef union ide_reg_valid_s ide_reg_valid_t
typedef struct ide_task_request_s ide_task_request_t

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HDIO_DRIVE_CMD   0x031f

Definition at line 382 of file os_linux.h.

#define HDIO_DRIVE_TASK   0x031e

Definition at line 383 of file os_linux.h.

#define HDIO_DRIVE_TASK_HDR_SIZE   8*sizeof(task_ioreg_t)

Definition at line 378 of file os_linux.h.

#define HDIO_DRIVE_TASKFILE   0x031d

Definition at line 384 of file os_linux.h.

#define HDIO_GET_IDENTITY   0x030d

Definition at line 385 of file os_linux.h.

#define HPTIO_CTL   0x03ff

Definition at line 387 of file os_linux.h.

#define IDE_DRIVE_TASK_IN   2

Definition at line 380 of file os_linux.h.


Definition at line 379 of file os_linux.h.

#define IDE_DRIVE_TASK_OUT   3

Definition at line 381 of file os_linux.h.

#define MAX (   x,
)    ( (x)>(y)?(x):(y) )

Definition at line 55 of file os_linux.h.

#define OS_LINUX_H_CVSID   "$Id: os_linux.h 4431 2017-08-08 19:38:15Z chrfranke $\n"

Definition at line 41 of file os_linux.h.

#define TASKFILE_IN   0x0001

Definition at line 376 of file os_linux.h.

#define TASKFILE_NO_DATA   0x0000

Definition at line 375 of file os_linux.h.

#define TASKFILE_OUT   0x0004

Definition at line 377 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_ATA_PASS_SGL_MAX   60

Definition at line 70 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_ATA_PASSTHRU   0x1e

Definition at line 100 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_CMD_PACKET_WITH_DATA   0x1f

Definition at line 242 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_IOCTL   0x80

Definition at line 99 of file os_linux.h.


Definition at line 135 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH   62

Definition at line 241 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_MAX_SGL_LENGTH_9000   61

Definition at line 136 of file os_linux.h.

#define TW_OP_ATA_PASSTHRU   0x11

Definition at line 54 of file os_linux.h.

#define u32   unsigned int

Definition at line 53 of file os_linux.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char task_ioreg_t

Definition at line 329 of file os_linux.h.

typedef struct TW_Command TW_Command
typedef struct TAG_TW_Ioctl TW_Ioctl
typedef struct TAG_TW_Output TW_Output
typedef struct TAG_TW_Passthru TW_Passthru
typedef struct TAG_TW_SG_Entry TW_SG_Entry