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os_freebsd::freebsd_escalade_device Class Reference

Implement AMCC/3ware RAID support. More...

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Public Member Functions

 freebsd_escalade_device (smart_interface *intf, const char *dev_name, int escalade_type, int disknum)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ata_device
virtual bool ata_pass_through (const ata_cmd_in &in, ata_cmd_out &out)=0
 ATA pass through.
bool ata_pass_through (const ata_cmd_in &in)
 ATA pass through without output registers.
virtual bool ata_identify_is_cached () const
 Return true if OS caches ATA identify sector.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smart_device
virtual ~smart_device ()
bool is_ata () const
 Return true if ATA device.
bool is_scsi () const
 Return true if SCSI device.
bool is_nvme () const
 Return true if NVMe device.
ata_deviceto_ata ()
 Downcast to ATA device.
const ata_deviceto_ata () const
 Downcast to ATA device (const).
scsi_deviceto_scsi ()
 Downcast to SCSI device.
const scsi_deviceto_scsi () const
 Downcast to SCSI device (const).
nvme_deviceto_nvme ()
 Downcast to NVMe device.
const nvme_deviceto_nvme () const
 Downcast to NVMe device (const).
const device_infoget_info () const
 Get device info struct.
const char * get_dev_name () const
 Get device (path)name.
const char * get_info_name () const
 Get informal name.
const char * get_dev_type () const
 Get device type.
const char * get_req_type () const
 Get type requested by user, empty if none.
const error_infoget_err () const
 Get last error info struct.
int get_errno () const
 Get last error number.
const char * get_errmsg () const
 Get last error message.
virtual bool is_syscall_unsup () const
 Return true if last error indicates an unsupported system call.
bool set_err (int no, const char *msg,...) __attribute_format_printf(3
 Set last error number and message.
bool bool set_err (const error_info &err)
 Set last error info struct.
void clear_err ()
 Clear last error info.
bool set_err (int no)
 Set last error number and default message.
virtual bool is_open () const =0
 Return true if device is open.
virtual bool open ()=0
 Open device, return false on error.
virtual bool close ()=0
 Close device, return false on error.
virtual smart_deviceautodetect_open ()
 Open device with autodetection support.
virtual bool is_powered_down ()
 Early test if device is powered up or down.
virtual bool owns (const smart_device *dev) const
 Return true if other device is owned by this device.
virtual void release (const smart_device *dev)
 Release ownership of other device.
- Public Member Functions inherited from os_freebsd::freebsd_smart_device
 freebsd_smart_device ()
virtual ~freebsd_smart_device ()
virtual bool is_open () const
 Return true if device is open.
virtual bool open ()
 Open device, return false on error.
virtual bool close ()
 Close device, return false on error.

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool ata_pass_through (const ata_cmd_in &in, ata_cmd_out &out) override
 ATA pass through.
virtual bool open () override
 Open device, return false on error.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ata_device
bool ata_cmd_is_supported (const ata_cmd_in &in, unsigned flags, const char *type=0)
 Check command input parameters.
bool ata_cmd_is_ok (const ata_cmd_in &in, bool data_out_support=false, bool multi_sector_support=false, bool ata_48bit_support=false)
 Check command input parameters (old version).
void hide_ata (bool hide=true)
 Hide/unhide ATA interface.
 ata_device ()
 Default constructor, registers device as ATA.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smart_device
 smart_device (smart_interface *intf, const char *dev_name, const char *dev_type, const char *req_type)
 Constructor to init interface and device info.
 smart_device (do_not_use_in_implementation_classes)
 Dummy constructor for abstract classes.
device_infoset_info ()
 R/W access to device info struct.
smart_interfacesmi ()
 Get interface which produced this object.
const smart_interfacesmi () const
 Get interface which produced this object (const).
- Protected Member Functions inherited from os_freebsd::freebsd_smart_device
int get_fd () const
 Return filedesc for derived classes.
void set_fd (int fd)

Private Attributes

int m_escalade_type
 Type string for escalade_command_interface().
int m_disknum
 Disk number.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smart_device
static int get_num_objects ()
 Get current number of allocated 'smart_device' objects.
- Protected Types inherited from ata_device
enum  {
  supports_data_out = 0x01 , supports_smart_status = 0x02 , supports_output_regs = 0x04 , supports_multi_sector = 0x08 ,
  supports_48bit_hi_null = 0x10 , supports_48bit = 0x20
 Flags for ata_cmd_is_supported(). More...
- Protected Types inherited from smart_device
enum  do_not_use_in_implementation_classes { never_called }
 Dummy enum for dummy constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Implement AMCC/3ware RAID support.

Definition at line 560 of file os_freebsd.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ freebsd_escalade_device()

os_freebsd::freebsd_escalade_device::freebsd_escalade_device ( smart_interface intf,
const char *  dev_name,
int  escalade_type,
int  disknum 

Definition at line 577 of file os_freebsd.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ata_pass_through()

bool os_freebsd::freebsd_escalade_device::ata_pass_through ( const ata_cmd_in in,
ata_cmd_out out 

ATA pass through.

Return false on error. Must be implemented in derived class.

Implements ata_device.

Definition at line 599 of file os_freebsd.cpp.

◆ open()

bool os_freebsd::freebsd_escalade_device::open ( )

Open device, return false on error.

Reimplemented from os_freebsd::freebsd_smart_device.

Definition at line 586 of file os_freebsd.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_disknum

int os_freebsd::freebsd_escalade_device::m_disknum

Disk number.

Definition at line 574 of file os_freebsd.cpp.

◆ m_escalade_type

int os_freebsd::freebsd_escalade_device::m_escalade_type

Type string for escalade_command_interface().

Definition at line 573 of file os_freebsd.cpp.

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