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Utility to control and monitor storage systems with "S.M.A.R.T."
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ataprint.h File Reference
#include <vector>
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struct  ata_log_request
struct  ata_print_options


#define ATAPRINT_H_CVSID   "$Id: ataprint.h 5483 2023-06-25 17:09:03Z chrfranke $\n"


int ataPrintMain (ata_device *device, const ata_print_options &options)

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#define ATAPRINT_H_CVSID   "$Id: ataprint.h 5483 2023-06-25 17:09:03Z chrfranke $\n"

Definition at line 16 of file ataprint.h.

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◆ ataPrintMain()

int ataPrintMain ( ata_device device,
const ata_print_options options 

Definition at line 3357 of file ataprint.cpp.