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Utility to control and monitor storage systems with "S.M.A.R.T."
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persistent_dev_state Struct Reference

Persistent state data for a device. More...

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struct  ata_attribute
struct  scsi_error_counter_t
struct  scsi_nonmedium_error_t

Public Member Functions

 persistent_dev_state ()

Public Attributes

unsigned char tempmin
unsigned char tempmax
unsigned char selflogcount
unsigned short selfloghour
time_t scheduled_test_next_check
uint64_t selective_test_last_start
uint64_t selective_test_last_end
mailinfo maillog [SMARTD_NMAIL]
int ataerrorcount
ata_attribute ata_attributes [NUMBER_ATA_SMART_ATTRIBUTES]
scsi_error_counter_t scsi_error_counters [3]
scsi_nonmedium_error_t scsi_nonmedium_error
uint64_t nvme_err_log_entries

Detailed Description

Persistent state data for a device.

Definition at line 358 of file smartd.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

persistent_dev_state::persistent_dev_state ( )

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Member Data Documentation

ata_attribute persistent_dev_state::ata_attributes[NUMBER_ATA_SMART_ATTRIBUTES]

Definition at line 385 of file smartd.cpp.

int persistent_dev_state::ataerrorcount

Definition at line 373 of file smartd.cpp.

mailinfo persistent_dev_state::maillog[SMARTD_NMAIL]

Definition at line 370 of file smartd.cpp.

uint64_t persistent_dev_state::nvme_err_log_entries

Definition at line 406 of file smartd.cpp.

time_t persistent_dev_state::scheduled_test_next_check

Definition at line 365 of file smartd.cpp.

scsi_error_counter_t persistent_dev_state::scsi_error_counters[3]

Definition at line 395 of file smartd.cpp.

scsi_nonmedium_error_t persistent_dev_state::scsi_nonmedium_error

Definition at line 403 of file smartd.cpp.

uint64_t persistent_dev_state::selective_test_last_end

Definition at line 368 of file smartd.cpp.

uint64_t persistent_dev_state::selective_test_last_start

Definition at line 367 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char persistent_dev_state::selflogcount

Definition at line 362 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned short persistent_dev_state::selfloghour

Definition at line 363 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char persistent_dev_state::tempmax

Definition at line 360 of file smartd.cpp.

unsigned char persistent_dev_state::tempmin

Definition at line 360 of file smartd.cpp.

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