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Utility to control and monitor storage systems with "S.M.A.R.T."
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os_solaris.cpp File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <dirent.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/param.h>
#include "config.h"
#include "int64.h"
#include "atacmds.h"
#include "scsicmds.h"
#include "utility.h"
#include "os_solaris.h"
#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/scsi/generic/commands.h>
#include <sys/scsi/generic/status.h>
#include <sys/scsi/impl/types.h>
#include <sys/scsi/impl/uscsi.h>
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struct  pathlist


#define ARGUSED(x)   ((void)(x))


int printwarning (int which)
void print_smartctl_examples ()
static int isdevtype (const char *dev_name, const char *table[], int tsize)
static int isscsidev (const char *path)
static int isatadev (const char *path)
int guess_device_type (const char *dev_name)
static int addpath (const char *path, struct pathlist *res)
static int grokdir (const char *dir, struct pathlist *res, int testfun(const char *))
int make_device_names (char ***devlist, const char *name)
int deviceopen (const char *pathname, char *type)
int deviceclose (int fd)
int ata_command_interface (int fd, smart_command_set command, int select, char *data)
int do_scsi_cmnd_io (int fd, struct scsi_cmnd_io *iop, int report)


const char * os_XXXX_c_cvsid
int printedout [2]
char * unimplemented [2]
static const char * uscsidrvrs []
static const char * atadrvrs []

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ARGUSED (   x)    ((void)(x))

Definition at line 38 of file os_solaris.cpp.

Function Documentation

static int addpath ( const char *  path,
struct pathlist res 

Definition at line 159 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int ata_command_interface ( int  fd,
smart_command_set  command,
int  select,
char *  data 

Definition at line 283 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int deviceclose ( int  fd)

Definition at line 265 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int deviceopen ( const char *  pathname,
char *  type 

Definition at line 255 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int do_scsi_cmnd_io ( int  fd,
struct scsi_cmnd_io iop,
int  report 

Definition at line 346 of file os_solaris.cpp.

static int grokdir ( const char *  dir,
struct pathlist res,
int   testfunconst char * 

Definition at line 173 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int guess_device_type ( const char *  dev_name)

Definition at line 143 of file os_solaris.cpp.

static int isatadev ( const char *  path)

Definition at line 137 of file os_solaris.cpp.

static int isdevtype ( const char *  dev_name,
const char *  table[],
int  tsize 

Definition at line 108 of file os_solaris.cpp.

static int isscsidev ( const char *  path)

Definition at line 131 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int make_device_names ( char ***  devlist,
const char *  name 

Definition at line 226 of file os_solaris.cpp.

void print_smartctl_examples ( )

Definition at line 72 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int printwarning ( int  which)

Definition at line 50 of file os_solaris.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const char* atadrvrs[]
Initial value:
= {

Definition at line 102 of file os_solaris.cpp.

const char* os_XXXX_c_cvsid
Initial value:
="$Id: os_solaris.cpp 4253 2016-03-26 19:47:47Z chrfranke $"
Definition: atacmds.h:28
#define INT64_H_CVSID
Definition: int64.h:23
Definition: scsicmds.h:33
Definition: os_solaris.h:28
Definition: utility.h:28

Definition at line 40 of file os_solaris.cpp.

int printedout[2]

Definition at line 44 of file os_solaris.cpp.

char* unimplemented[2]
Initial value:
"ATA command routine ata_command_interface()",
"3ware Escalade Controller command routine escalade_command_interface()",

Definition at line 45 of file os_solaris.cpp.

const char* uscsidrvrs[]
Initial value:
= {

Definition at line 95 of file os_solaris.cpp.