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knowndrives.h File Reference
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struct  drive_settings
struct  usb_dev_info


#define KNOWNDRIVES_H_CVSID   "$Id: knowndrives.h 5207 2021-02-09 20:25:13Z chrfranke $\n"


int lookup_usb_device (int vendor_id, int product_id, int bcd_device, usb_dev_info &info, usb_dev_info &info2)
void show_presets (const ata_identify_device *drive)
int showallpresets ()
int showmatchingpresets (const char *model, const char *firmware)
const drive_settingslookup_drive_apply_presets (const ata_identify_device *drive, ata_vendor_attr_defs &defs, firmwarebug_defs &firmwarebugs, std::string &dbversion)
const char * get_drivedb_path_add ()
bool read_drive_database (const char *path)
bool init_drive_database (bool use_default_db)
const ata_vendor_attr_defsget_default_attr_defs ()

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#define KNOWNDRIVES_H_CVSID   "$Id: knowndrives.h 5207 2021-02-09 20:25:13Z chrfranke $\n"

Definition at line 15 of file knowndrives.h.

Function Documentation

◆ get_default_attr_defs()

const ata_vendor_attr_defs & get_default_attr_defs ( )

Definition at line 993 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ get_drivedb_path_add()

const char * get_drivedb_path_add ( )

Definition at line 894 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ init_drive_database()

bool init_drive_database ( bool  use_default_db)

Definition at line 984 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ lookup_drive_apply_presets()

const drive_settings * lookup_drive_apply_presets ( const ata_identify_device drive,
ata_vendor_attr_defs defs,
firmwarebug_defs firmwarebugs,
std::string &  dbversion 

Definition at line 584 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ lookup_usb_device()

int lookup_usb_device ( int  vendor_id,
int  product_id,
int  bcd_device,
usb_dev_info info,
usb_dev_info info2 

Definition at line 314 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ read_drive_database()

bool read_drive_database ( const char *  path)

Definition at line 878 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ show_presets()

void show_presets ( const ata_identify_device drive)

Definition at line 550 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ showallpresets()

int showallpresets ( )

Definition at line 492 of file knowndrives.cpp.

◆ showmatchingpresets()

int showmatchingpresets ( const char *  model,
const char *  firmware 

Definition at line 517 of file knowndrives.cpp.