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freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h File Reference
#include <sys/param.h>
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struct  nvme_command
struct  nvme_status
struct  nvme_completion
struct  nvme_pt_command


#define NVME_PASSTHROUGH_CMD   _IOWR('n', 0, struct nvme_pt_command)
#define nvme_completion_is_error(cpl)    ((cpl)-> != 0 || (cpl)->status.sct != 0)
#define NVME_CTRLR_PREFIX   "/dev/nvme"
#define NVME_NS_PREFIX   "ns"


struct nvme_command __packed

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#define nvme_completion_is_error (   cpl)     ((cpl)-> != 0 || (cpl)->status.sct != 0)

Definition at line 152 of file freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h.


#define NVME_CTRLR_PREFIX   "/dev/nvme"

Definition at line 156 of file freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h.


#define NVME_NS_PREFIX   "ns"

Definition at line 157 of file freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h.


#define NVME_PASSTHROUGH_CMD   _IOWR('n', 0, struct nvme_pt_command)

Definition at line 32 of file freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h.

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