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Utility to control and monitor storage systems with "S.M.A.R.T."
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os_win32::csmi_device Class Referenceabstract
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Public Types

enum  { max_number_of_ports = 32 }

Public Member Functions

unsigned get_ports_used ()
 Get bitmask of used ports.
- Public Member Functions inherited from smart_device
virtual ~smart_device ()
bool is_ata () const
 Return true if ATA device.
bool is_scsi () const
 Return true if SCSI device.
bool is_nvme () const
 Return true if NVMe device.
ata_deviceto_ata ()
 Downcast to ATA device.
const ata_deviceto_ata () const
 Downcast to ATA device (const).
scsi_deviceto_scsi ()
 Downcast to SCSI device.
const scsi_deviceto_scsi () const
 Downcast to SCSI device (const).
nvme_deviceto_nvme ()
 Downcast to NVMe device.
const nvme_deviceto_nvme () const
 Downcast to NVMe device (const).
const device_infoget_info () const
 Get device info struct.
const char * get_dev_name () const
 Get device (path)name.
const char * get_info_name () const
 Get informal name.
const char * get_dev_type () const
 Get device type.
const char * get_req_type () const
 Get type requested by user, empty if none.
const error_infoget_err () const
 Get last error info struct.
int get_errno () const
 Get last error number.
const char * get_errmsg () const
 Get last error message.
virtual bool is_syscall_unsup () const
 Return true if last error indicates an unsupported system call.
bool set_err (int no, const char *msg,...) __attribute_format_printf(3
 Set last error number and message.
bool bool set_err (const error_info &err)
 Set last error info struct.
void clear_err ()
 Clear last error info.
bool set_err (int no)
 Set last error number and default message.
virtual bool is_open () const =0
 Return true if device is open.
virtual bool open ()=0
 Open device, return false on error.
virtual bool close ()=0
 Close device, return false on error.
virtual smart_deviceautodetect_open ()
 Open device with autodetection support.
virtual bool is_powered_down ()
 Early test if device is powered up or down.
virtual bool owns (const smart_device *dev) const
 Return true if other device is owned by this device.
virtual void release (const smart_device *dev)
 Release ownership of other device.

Protected Types

typedef signed char port_2_index_map[max_number_of_ports]
- Protected Types inherited from smart_device
enum  do_not_use_in_implementation_classes { never_called }
 Dummy enum for dummy constructor. More...

Protected Member Functions

 csmi_device ()
int get_phy_info (CSMI_SAS_PHY_INFO &phy_info, port_2_index_map &p2i)
 Get phy info and port mapping, return #ports or -1 on error.
bool select_port (int port)
 Select physical drive.
const CSMI_SAS_PHY_ENTITYget_phy_ent () const
 Get info for selected physical drive.
virtual bool csmi_ioctl (unsigned code, IOCTL_HEADER *csmi_buffer, unsigned csmi_bufsiz)=0
 Call platform-specific CSMI ioctl.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from smart_device
 smart_device (smart_interface *intf, const char *dev_name, const char *dev_type, const char *req_type)
 Constructor to init interface and device info.
 smart_device (do_not_use_in_implementation_classes)
 Dummy constructor for abstract classes.
device_infoset_info ()
 R/W access to device info struct.
smart_interfacesmi ()
 Get interface which produced this object.
const smart_interfacesmi () const
 Get interface which produced this object (const).

Static Private Member Functions

static bool guess_amd_drives (CSMI_SAS_PHY_INFO &phy_info, unsigned max_phy_drives)

Private Attributes

 CSMI info for this phy.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from smart_device
static int get_num_objects ()
 Get current number of allocated 'smart_device' objects.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1961 of file os_win32.cpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ port_2_index_map

typedef signed char os_win32::csmi_device::port_2_index_map[max_number_of_ports]

Definition at line 1975 of file os_win32.cpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Definition at line 1965 of file os_win32.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ csmi_device()

os_win32::csmi_device::csmi_device ( )

Definition at line 1971 of file os_win32.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ csmi_ioctl()

virtual bool os_win32::csmi_device::csmi_ioctl ( unsigned  code,
IOCTL_HEADER *  csmi_buffer,
unsigned  csmi_bufsiz 
protectedpure virtual

Call platform-specific CSMI ioctl.

Implemented in os_win32::win_csmi_device.

◆ get_phy_ent()

const CSMI_SAS_PHY_ENTITY & os_win32::csmi_device::get_phy_ent ( ) const

Get info for selected physical drive.

Definition at line 1984 of file os_win32.cpp.

◆ get_phy_info()

int os_win32::csmi_device::get_phy_info ( CSMI_SAS_PHY_INFO phy_info,
port_2_index_map p2i 

Get phy info and port mapping, return #ports or -1 on error.

Definition at line 2042 of file os_win32.cpp.

◆ get_ports_used()

unsigned os_win32::csmi_device::get_ports_used ( )

Get bitmask of used ports.

Definition at line 2184 of file os_win32.cpp.

◆ guess_amd_drives()

bool os_win32::csmi_device::guess_amd_drives ( CSMI_SAS_PHY_INFO phy_info,
unsigned  max_phy_drives 

Definition at line 2000 of file os_win32.cpp.

◆ select_port()

bool os_win32::csmi_device::select_port ( int  port)

Select physical drive.

Definition at line 2214 of file os_win32.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_phy_ent

CSMI_SAS_PHY_ENTITY os_win32::csmi_device::m_phy_ent

CSMI info for this phy.

Definition at line 1992 of file os_win32.cpp.

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