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Device Support

Smartmontools work on different operating systems. Due to OS-specific issues and also depending on the different state of smartmontools development on the platforms, device support ist not the same for all OS platforms.

Supported Devices

RAID-Controllers that work with smartmontools
USB-Devices that work with smartmontools

Documentation On Device Support

SMART Testing

- Types of tests

Offline test (Data collection)
Short Selftest
Long Selftest?
Conveyance Selftest (ATA only)?
Selective Selftest (ATA only)?

- Handling and configuration

Automate selftests with smartd?
Special options for powermanagement

SMART Attributes

Different vendors, different interpretation.. The raw SMART attributes (temperature, power-on lifetime, and so on) are stored in vendor-specific structures. Sometime these are strange. Hitachi disks (at least some of them) store power-on lifetime in minutes, rather than hours. IBM disks (at least some of them) have three temperatures stored in the raw structure, not just one. And so on.
If you find strange output, or unknown attributes, please look in the below listed pages with vendor specific info.
When you don't find an answer to your question there, send an email to smartmontools-support and we'll help you try and figure it out.

IBM (Hitachi)
Western Digital

Bug Reports

Seagates firmware bug (Jan 2009)

Info for Developers

Smartmontools Sourcecode Documentation

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