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    23 == Device Support ==
    24 Smartmontools work on different operating systems. Due to OS-specific
    25 issues and also depending on the different state of smartmontools
    26 development on the platforms, device support ist not the same 
    27 for all OS platforms.
     23== News ==
     24 * Because Sourceforge removed the product {{{Wikispace}}}, our wiki has moved to this new Trac.
    29 ==== Supported Devices ====
    30 [wiki:Supported_RAID-Controllers RAID-Controllers] that work with smartmontools[[BR]]
    31 [wiki:Supported_USB-Devices USB-Devices] that work with smartmontools[[BR]]
    33 ==== Documentation On Device Support ====
    34  * [wiki:USB USB devices and smartmontools] - To access SMART functionality, smartmontools must be able to send ATA commands directly to the disk.
    35  * [wiki:NAS NAS devices and smartmontools] - Smartmontools can work also on ''Network Attached Storage'' (NAS) devices, if the appropiate functions are available there, e.g. on Dlink DNS-323 with [ fonz firmware]
     26 * We moved our CVS-Repository to Subversion and adjusted the [ download instructions] accordingly. Christian Franke added a first feature which benefits from the change: If build from trunk, the first line of smartmontools output now reports the SVN revision date and number, e.g: {{{smartctl 5.39 2009-07-16 r2838 [i686-pc-linux-gnu] (local build)}}}. So if you send smartctl output, we can now identify the exact revision :-)
     28 * Our work in the field USB bridges goes on. Experimental support for [ Sunplus USB bridges] is available now with new option {{{-d usbsunplus}}}. [ JMicron USB to (S)ATA bridges] with option {{{-d usbjmicron[,1]}}}. Thanks to the vendors for handing over the necessary specs. We are very interested in your test results with the new device type and collect all feedbacks in our Wiki-Page on [wiki:Supported_USB-Devices USB-Support]. Get ''current version'' from [ SVN] and tell us about your experiences on the [ smartmontools-support mailing list]. Binaries for Windows are available [ here].
     30 * Some newer Seagate/Maxtor disks risk a sudden death due to buggy firmware: 7200.11, ES.2, Diamondmax 22. See the [ Details], reported by Seagates customer support.
     32 * Thanks to contributor Jordan Hargrave, smartmontools now have support for MegaRAID controllers. Get ''current version'' from [ SVN] and use {{{-d megaraid,N}}} to inspect disk N behind the controller.
    3734== Bug Reports ==
    3835[ Seagates firmware bug (Jan 2009)]
    40 == Info for Developers ==
    41 [ Smartmontools Sourcecode Documentation]
    42  * [wiki:DeveloperGuide Some general guidelines for new smartmontools developers]
    43  * [wiki:DeveloperHowToMigrate How to migrate existing os-ports to new interface] (Step-by-step instruction by Christian Franke)[[BR]]