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     9= Warnings =
     11[[PageOutline(2-3,Table of Contents, inline)]]
     13The following are reports of serious problems (eg system lockup) which
     14were due to smartmontools.  There are DARWIN, LINUX, FREEBSD, SOLARIS
     15and WINDOWS sections below.
     18== LINUX ==
     20You may also wish to search the [!searchin/linux.kernel/smartmontools|sort:date linux-kernel mailing list] for problem reports concerning smartmontools.
     22||PROBLEM||'''Using smartd/smartctl on USB "SCSI" storage devices can cause kernel hang'''||
     23||SYSTEM||Any system with USB ports and USB storage devices||
     24||REPORTER||see link below||
     26||NOTE||USB storage devices are handled as SCSI devices by the kernel. But many of these devices do not comply with SCSI specs, and can cause the kernel to hang. Avoid using smartd/smartctl on these devices (they don't do SMART anyway). In particular, the use of smartd DEVICESCAN in /etc/smartd.conf can cause these devices (typically represented by /dev/sda or /dev/sdb) to hang, and the kernel to lock up.||
     27||FIXED||This problem should be fixed in smartmontools-5.25 and greater.||
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     31||PROBLEM||'''smartd makes NTP time drift'''||
     32||SYSTEM||Intel 875WP1-E motherboard with SATA drives on motherboard's SATA ports||
     35||NOTE||When using SATA disks, linux kernel k_smp-2.4.21-108 (SMP because of hyper-threading) and xntp-4.1.1-177, the server time went out of sync with system time.  Problem goes away when SATA disks removed.||
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     39||PROBLEM||'''Locked up, needed to be rebooted'''||
     40||SYSTEM||Dell servers using AACRAID (SCSI)||
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     46||PROBLEM||'''Smartctl locks system solid when used on /dev/hd[ef].'''||
     47||SYSTEM||Box with Promise 20265 IDE-controller (pdc202xx-driver) and > 2.4.18 kernel with ide-taskfile support||
     48||REPORTER||Georg Acher <>||
     50||NOTE||Lockup doesn't happen with 2.4.18 kernel, and doesn't affect /dev/hd[a-d] This appears to be a problem with the pdc202xx-driver and has been reported to the pdcx maintainers.  If you enable the Promise-BIOS (ATA100-BIOS) then everything will work fine.  But if you disable it, then the machine will hang.||
     52{{{ }}}
     54||PROBLEM||'''Smartctl locks system solid'''||
     55||SYSTEM||Box with Promise 20262 IDE-controller||
     56||REPORTER||Ben Low <>||
     58||NOTE||Similar to previous report: Promise Ultra66 2-port card (20262) which, with linux 2.4.20, suffers from the lockups reported above.  But it was impossible to enable the Promiste BIOS.  A kernel patch is referenced to fix the problem.||
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     62||PROBLEM||'''Smartctl locks system solid when used on CDROM/DVD device'''||
     63||SYSTEM||Promise 20265 IDE-controller||
     64||REPORTER||see link below||
     66||NOTE||Problem seems to affect kernel 2.4.21 only.||
     68{{{ }}}
     70||PROBLEM||'''System freezes under heavy load, perhaps when running SMART commands'''||
     71||SYSTEM||Promise IDE-controllers and perhaps others also||
     72||REPORTER||Mario 'BitKoenig' Holbe Mario.Holbe@RZ.TU-Ilmenau.DE||
     74||NOTE||Before freezing, SYSLOG shows the following message(s) kernel: hdf: dma timer expiry: dma status == 0xXX where XX is two hexidecimal digits. This may be a kernel bug or an underlying hardware problem. It's not clear if smartmontools plays a role in provoking this problem.  FINAL NOTE: Problem was COMPLETELY resolved by replacing the power supply.  See URL above, entry on May 29, 2004 by Holbe.  Other things to try are exchanging cables, and cleaning PCI slots.||
     76== FREEBSD ==
     78[No problem reports yet.]
     81== SOLARIS ==
     83[No problem reports yet.]
     86== CYGWIN and WINDOWS ==
     88[No problem reports yet.]
     91== DARWIN ==
     93||PROBLEM||'''Can't switch off SMART, can't switch off auto-save, can't run short tests.'''||
     94||SYSTEM||Any system before Tiger||
     95||REPORTER||Geoff Keating <>||
     96||NOTE||There's a bug in the system library: when you ask it to do any of these things, it does the inverse (switches on, runs extended tests).  Radar 3727283.||
     98{{{ }}}
     100||PROBLEM||'''When drive is asleep, SMART commands fail'''||
     101||SYSTEM||All known systems||
     102||REPORTER||Geoff Keating <>||
     103||NOTE||You can prevent the drive from sleeping by saying pmset -a disksleep 0 or by unchecking the 'Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible' checkbox in the Energy Saver preferences.  Radar 4094403.||
     108Published under [|GNU GPL].