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Smartmontools USB Device Support (continued)

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Unsupported Devices

Description USB bridge idVendor:idProduct (bcdDevice) iManufacturer / iProduct Option(s) Tested on Author / Reference Comment
Delock 91648 Genesis logic 0x05e3:0x0727 USB 2.0 SD card adapter -d sat -T permissive Arch Linux SMART support is: Ambiguous - ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE words 82-83 don't show if SMART supported.
Thecus y.e.s. nano N1050 OTG/USB Photo Bank ALi M5637 0x0402:0x5621 ALi Corp. / USB 2.0 IDE Controller -d scsi Arch Linux Da truche Disk Model and Capacity are shown, then 'Terminate command early due to bad response to IEC mode page' (-d scsi -T verypermissive
(No Name) ALi M5621 0x0402:0x5621 (empty) / (empty) -- -- ML-Archive
Connectland BE-USB2-35BP-LCM VIA VT6204 0x040d:0x6204 (0.04) VIA Technologies Inc. / USB 2.0 IDE Bridge -- Linux (Debian Squeeze) freebooter
(No Name) Cypress 0x04b4:0x6830 ? -- WinXP ML-Archive
TrekStor DataStation maxi y.u Cypress CY7C68300A 0x04b4:0x6830 (0.01) (empty) / (empty) -- -- Christian Franke Older AT2 chip may not support ATACB command.
(No Name) IDE-USB Adapter Myson Century CS8818 0x04cf:0x8818 Myson Century, Inc. / USB Mass Storage Device -- -- ML-Archive
(No Name) Myson Century CS8818 0x04cf:0x8818 (0xb007) ? -- -- ML-Archive
LogiLink CR0035 USB 2.0 Card Reader w/ 6-Port Hub Alcor Micro AU6477CL 0x058f:0x6364 (1.00) -- -- Linux MINT LMDE (7.0) Andreas Mohr Tested w/ CF TS16GCF150 industrial (CF specs say SMART support, and confirmed: works on PCMCIA adapter with -T permissive -s on). Minimal info only via -d scsi, sat/sat,12/sat,16 fail. Related datasheets don't mention SAT. Mfct. inquiry (twice) unsuccessful (see ML).
(No Name) China reader in transparent blue case Alcor Micro AU6371 0x058f:0x6366 (1.00) -- -- Linux Debian (6.0.7) Andreas Mohr Minimal info only via -d scsi (where "scsiModePageOffset: response length too short, resp_len=4 offset=4 bd_len=0" occurs), sat/sat,12/sat,16 fail.
Iomega MDHD500-U ? 0x059b:0x0275 (0.01) Iomega / External HD -- -- ML-Archive Unknown USB bridge.
LaCie Hard Disk (FA Porsche design) ? 0x059f:0x0651 ? -- -- EMail from Marc Unknown USB bridge. See also newer model above.
TrekStor DataStation maxi x.u USB 2.0 200G Genesys Logic GL881E 0x05e3:0x0702 ? -d sat,auto Arch Linux 3.17.6 ML-Archive Maybe works, but SMART information is unavailable. Ticket #242
Micron Technology USB SSD ? 0x0634:0x0655 Micron Technology / Real SSD eUSB 4GB -- Linux Ticket #133
SAMSUNG HM121HC Prolific PL2506 0x067b:0x2506 (0x100) ODSONIC Co.,Ltd / ODSONIC Mass Storage Device B -T verypermissive -a -d usbjmicron,x,1 linux you want get usable information
PremiumCord KU3IDE3 Prolific PL2773 + JMD330 0x067b:0x2773 (1.00) Prolific Technology Inc. + JMicron? / USB3.0 to SATAII or IDE bridge -- Linux Martin Mokrejs no S.M.A.R.T. information, aside from that SATA port works, IDE only sometimes
Tacens Portum Duo II USB 3.0 SATA Dual Docking Station Prolific Technology Inc. 0x067b:0x2773 (1.00) Prolific Technology Inc. -- Linux (Kernel 4.2-rc2) noq2 no S.M.A.R.T. information, just: Unknown USB bridge [0x067b:0x2773 (0x100)]
(No Name) Prolific PL3507 0x067b:0x3507 (0.01) Prolific Technology Inc. / ATAPI-6 Bridge Controller -- -- ML-Archive No reply from Prolific to our request for information. PL3507 datasheets seem to be less available now, but they were called ds_pl3507_v15B.pdf and ds_pl3507_v13.pdf. Given the age of these controllers, probably no pass-through implemented at all. The newer PL2771 does get supplied with iSMART s/w...
Freecom FHD-2 Pro 60GB Cypress CY7C68310 0x07ab:0xfc81 (1.00) Freecom Technologies/FHD-2pro -d usbcypress Linux Jo Deisenhofer tested with svn 2009-10-25, does not work
Freecom Classic HD 120GB (Art.Nr.22917) ? 0x07ab:0xfccd ? -- WinXP porg
(No Name) Oxford OXU921DS 0x0928:0x0002 (0.00) Oxford Semiconductor Ltd. / OXSEMI Mass Storage -- Linux (Debian Squeeze) freebooter
Maxtor OneTouch 200GB ? 0x0d49:0x7010 (2.00) Maxtor / OneTouch -- Linux Manfred Schwarb
MadDog USB+1394 3.5in ATA case Initio 316000 0x13fd:0x0540 ? -- WinXP ML-Archive See also older model above.
Transcend TS32GSSD18M-M SSD USB/SATA MLC JMicron JMF601(? first rev due to PID 0x0601?) 0x152d:0x0601 (1.00) Transcend TS32GSSD18M-M -- Linux (Debian Squeeze) Andreas Mohr eSATA: working e.g. via SITECOM eSATA Cardbus Card CB-040 v1 001; USB: not working - on Linux at least, "smartctl -r ioctl,3 -i" always aborts with SCSI_ASC_UNKNOWN_FIELD for both sat and usbjmicron (see also standardized usb_stor_sense_invalidCDB array as used by Linux transport.c, cypress_atacb.c!!), for both std SCSI SAT_ATA_PASSTHROUGH_16 command CDBs (issuing ATA_IDENTIFY_DEVICE) and vendor-specific SCSI cmd CDBs. Strongly suspect another JMicron US_FL_IGNORE_RESIDUE issue as listed in unusual_devs.h (TODO: try to add working entry, or cross-examine behaviour on Other OS [tm])
OCZ THROTTLE OCZESATATHR8G JMicron JMF601 0x152d:0x0602 (1.00) OCZ / THROTTLE -- Linux (Debian Squeeze) freebooter
Vantec NST-400MX-SR Silicon Image 5744 0x1a4a:0x1670 (0x062) Silicon Image, Inc / 5744 FW:1.1576 -- Linux Unknown USB bridge, tested with 5.39.1
RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-273StU3 Innostor IS888 0x1f75:0x0888 (0.15) Innostor Technology / IS888 USB3.0 to SATA bridge -- Linux (Debian Squeeze) freebooter
Sharkoon SATA QuickDeck Pro (USB 3.0) Innostor IS888 0x1f75:0x0888 Innostor Technology Corp. / IS888 USB3.0 to SATA controller -- Windows 7, Linux Christian Franke, Linux User 330250 IS888: official, other
ICY BOX IB-351StU3-B ? 0x2109:0x0700 (0x005) ICY BOX -- Linux 3.3 tygier smartctl 5.41 reports "Unknown USB bridge"
Sharkoon SATA QuickDeck U3 FireWire ? 0x0525:0x3102 ? USB 3.0: -d sat -x; eSATA: -- Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 7 Linux User 330250 This external enclosure identifies all disks as "eSATA-2 ExternalRAID" and while it seems to support SMART, in reallity it disguises the real disk and reports unknown SMART attributes.
AcomData HDEUHE-504 OnSpec ? 0x55aa:0x2b00 (1.00) (empty) / USB 2.0 CF/HDD -- -- ML-Archive
Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive 8 TB SRD0NF2 ? 0x0bc2:0x3322 ? -d sat, -d scsi Arch Linux 4.20.8 benbergman scsi option is only one which produces any output without error. Output: SMART support is: Available - device has SMART capability. SMART support is: Disabled

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