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Explain failing SAT when UAS is enabled under Linux


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    2727Smartmontools was successfully tested with [wiki:Supported_USB-Devices many USB devices] on several Platforms. If the USB ID can be obtained from the operating system, smartmontools also supports auto-detection of (the already tested) USB devices. Then it is not necessary to specify the '-d' option. See the following table for details:
    2828||= '''Platform''' =||= '''...has SCSI pass-through''' =||= '''smartmontools supports SCSI''' =||= '''... supports USB''' =||= '''... auto-detection''' =||= '''... in smartd DEVICESCAN''' =||= '''Comment''' =||
    29 || Linux || Yes || Yes || YES || YES || YES || See comment about SAT in above table ||
     29|| Linux || Yes || Yes || YES || YES || YES || May not work with UAS, see below ||
    3030|| Mac OS X || No || No || (Yes) || (Yes) || (Yes) || via OS-X-SAT-SMART-Driver, see below ||
    3131|| FreeBSD || Yes || Yes || YES || YES || YES ||   ||
    3737|| Windows || Yes || Yes || YES || YES || YES ||   ||
     39If [ UAS] transfer mode is enabled under Linux, `-d sat[,12]` may fail with error message `scsi error: unsupported field in scsi command` (see ticket [comment:3:ticket:971 #971]).
     40This is because the Linux kernel rejects SAT ATA pass-through commands for certain devices with broken pass-through support.
     41This depends on Kernel version and may include
     42[ all Seagate enclosures],
     43[ Initio INIC-3069] and
     44[ VIA VL711].
    3946The [ OS X SAT SMART Driver] provides access to SMART data for SAT, JMicron and Sunplus capable USB and Firewire devices on Mac OS X. On OSX El Capitan (10.11+) you may need a signed driver, which can be downloaded from the [ DriveDx website].
    4047Note that this does not support 48-bit ATA commands ({{{-l xerror}}}) or non-SMART ATA commands ({{{-s apm,N}}}). Full USB support would require SCSI pass-through support which does not yet exist on Mac OS X.