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Smartmontools Device Support

Table of Contents

  1. Supported Devices
  2. Documentation On Device Support

Smartmontools work on different operating systems. Due to OS-specific issues and also depending on the different state of smartmontools development on the platforms, device support ist not the same for all OS platforms.

Supported Devices

RAID-Controllers that work with smartmontools
USB-Devices that work with smartmontools

Documentation On Device Support

  • SCSI devices and smartmontools - This article by Douglas Gilbert describes how smartmontools interacts with SCSI devices like disks and tapes (including medium changers). Passing reference is also made to devices that use the SCSI command set such as USB mass storage devices and IEEE1394 devices that use the "sbp2" protocol. In many situations SATA disks are accessed using a (partial) SCSI command set.
  • USB devices and smartmontools - To access SMART functionality, smartmontools must be able to send ATA commands directly to the disk.
  • NAS devices and smartmontools - Smartmontools can work also on Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, if the appropiate functions are available there, e.g. on Dlink DNS-323 with fonz firmware
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