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Facility: smartmontools-developer mailing list

Smartmontools Developers Area

Table of Contents

  1. Facilities
    1. Trac
    2. Code Repositories
    3. Mailing Lists
  2. Introduction
  3. Inquiries
  4. Working Areas
    1. Device specific
    2. OS specific
  5. Utilities contributed by Smartmontools users



If you want to send us patches for code review create a ticket here in Trac.

In case of problems with your Trac registration write to the smartmontools team list. This is a private list. Postings from non-member addresses are held in moderation queue and need manual approvement to go to the list. So you have to take a delay into account until your mail reaches the smartmontools team members.

Code Repositories

Mailing Lists


This is a private mailing list for team communication and orga.

We use the mailing list only rarely for

  • discussion of general strategy or questions
  • announcements concerning release planning
  • news and announcements concerning our projects IT infrastructure

Maintainers of smartmontool packages are welcome to join ~ :)

@ALL: If you see a failure or have a problem with our project facilities you may report it here. You don't need to be subscribed for that. Your mail will then go to the list moderator and she will take action to solve the issue.



  • @Packagers: How can we make life easier for you? What are your wishes?

Working Areas

Device specific

OS specific

Help Wanted - Maintainer for OpenBSD Port

Utilities contributed by Smartmontools users

From time to time it happens, that users contribute small utilities they wrote for additional tasks and analysis in the context of SMART disk management.

We place them on page user contributed utilities at your own disposal. We give no warranty for these, please contact the author directly, if you have any questions! It is possible to give feedback or contribute enhancements by editing the page.

All content in this wiki is published under GNU GPL.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.