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     1= The developers and supporters of smartmontools =
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     10=== Bruce Allen (Initiator and Project Leader) ===
     11I am a professor of physics at the U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and a Director of the Albert Einstein
     12Institute in Hannover, which is operated by the Max Planck Gesellschaft and Leibniz University Hannover.
     14I got interested in SMART because of my research work.  I work on data analysis
     15for gravitational waves (the LIGO, GEO and VIRGO detectors) and my research groups build and operate
     16large computer clusters for this purpose.
     17My research group at the Albert Einstein Institute in Hannover operates a cluster with
     182400 disks (the Atlas Cluster) and 1100 TB of storage. My research group at U. Wisconsin - Milwaukee
     19runs a [ beowulf cluster]
     20with 1200 (SATA-II) distributed disks attached to hardware RAID controllers. 
     21We have more than 300 TB disk space on that system.
     22It's nice to have advanced warning when a disk is going to fail.
     24Smartmontools is the only open-source software project that I manage. When smartmontools first started in 2002,
     25I did most of the coding and real work.  I was lucky to quickly find several other developers like Doug Gilbert and
     26Christian Franke who knew much more than I did!  These days I mostly do coordination and cheerleading -
     27in any given technical area there are typically other developers who know more than I do.
     29I also do some work on BOINC, and run the Einstein@Home distributed search for gravitational waves.
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     38=== Christian Franke (Developer and Maintainer) ===
     40My interest in hard disk monitoring actually starts when the disk of the christmas-gift-PC for
     41my son failed in the evening of Dec. 23, 2003. This resulted in a first Windows port of smartctl checked
     42in on Feb. 23, 2004. Future plan for smartmontools is a major redesign of smartd and the internal device
     43interface, which benefits from the transition from C to C++.
     45My other open source contributions include some small patches for Cygwin and
     46(Firefox/Thunderbird/SeaMonkey and Bugzilla) codebase, a Windows port of hdparm, and a recent Cygwin port
     47of GRUB2.
     49In real life, I hold a degree in computer science and work for a company developing applications for
     50banking & finance.
     54=== Guido Guenther (Developer and Maintainer) ===
     55Guido has a sharp eye for distribution issues and clean system architecture.
     56He improves Makefiles, configuration and installation scripts, cares for packaging
     57issues and makes sure that {{{Return Values}}} are correct.
     58Last not least, he added CCISS (Compaq Smart Array Controller) support with
     59contributions from Praveen Chidambaram, Douglas Gilbert and Frederic Boiteux.
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     67=== Gabriele Pohl (Website Maintainer) ===
     68Once upon a time I got an alarming BIOS message whilst booting my computer:
     70SMART Failure Predicted on Primary Master:
     71Warning! Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A Failure may be imminent..
     74I was very curious, what it could be, that claimed to know, what's up with my harddisk.
     75I started an investigation about the predicted disk error and SMART in general,
     76which leads me straightly to smartmontools. I use it for 4 years now and wrote two
     77[ articles] (German),
     78to spread good news about it. To help both, the project and the users,
     79I reorganized the smartmontools website a bit. I hope you'll like it.
     81We have a main menu with seven sections, an integrated search engine and a new layout.
     82Next step will be, to update the websites content, so that it reflects the state of the
     83current version {{{5.3.8}}}. Conributions are welcome!
     84Mail to [ smartmontools-support]
     85list, if you have questions or want to add information.
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     94=== Erwan Velu (Packager and Maintainer) ===
     96My interest in SMART arose at my previous job at Mandriva. I was
     97building up a Linux distribution to turn a set of computers into a super computer (HPC).
     98While looking at how we can manage such a cluster, I was faced with some failing disks.
     99Doing a short research on that problem, I found this project.
     101As I am also packaging applications in RPM for Mandriva Linux, I decided
     102to include smartmontools in it. My role is to keep smartmontools
     103up-to-date in the Linux distribution and reporting bugs to the
     104developers. To be honest, this happens once in a blue moon.
     106Since I am implicated in the smartmontools project, friends often ask me for
     107help in understanding how theirs disks feels ;o). So I also wrote an
     108[ article about smartmontools]
     109in French language.
     113=== Other portraits ===
     114will follow..