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     5<h3>Checking disks behind RAID controllers</h3>
     7<p>RAID controllers typically simulate a (logical) disk for each array of (physical)
     8disks to the OS. Access to SMART functionality relies on ATA or SCSI pass through
     9I/O controls providing direct access to each physical disk.
     10But the standard I/O controls available are usually not designed to make
     11this distinction between logical and physical disks. Therefore, smartmontools
     12has to use vendor specific I/O controls. Support for disks behind RAID
     13controllers is highly dependent on both platform and controller type.</p>
     15<table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="2">
     16        <tr>
     17                <th rowspan="2" bgcolor="Lavender">RAID-Controller</th>
     18                <th rowspan="2" bgcolor="Lavender">Directive</th>
     19                <th colspan="3" bgcolor="Lavender">Supported in OS</th>
     21        </tr>
     22        <tr>
     23                <th bgcolor="Azure">Linux</th>
     24                <th bgcolor="AntiqueWhite">FreeBSD</th>
     25                <th bgcolor="Azure">MS-Windows</th>
     26        </tr>
     27        <tr>
     29                <td><tt>3ware SATA RAID controller</tt></td>
     30                <td><tt>-d 3ware,N</tt></td>
     31                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>Yes <a href="#1">[1]</a></tt></td> <!-- Linux -->
     32                <td align="center" bgcolor="AntiqueWhite"><tt>Yes <a href="#2">[2]</a></tt></td> <!-- FreeBSD -->
     33                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>Yes <a href="#3">[3]</a></tt></td> <!-- MS-Windows -->
     35        </tr>
     36        <tr>
     37                <td><tt>Areca SATA RAID controller</tt></td>
     38                <td><tt>-d areca,N</tt></td>
     39                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>Yes <a href="#4">[4]</a></tt></td> <!-- Linux -->
     40                <td align="center" bgcolor="AntiqueWhite"><tt>No</tt></td> <!-- FreeBSD -->
     42                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>No</tt></td> <!-- MS-Windows -->
     43        </tr>
     44        <tr>
     45                <td><tt>HighPoint RocketRAID SATA RAID controller</tt></td>
     46                <td><tt>-d hpt,L/M/N</tt></td>
     47                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>Yes <a href="#5">[5]</a></tt></td> <!-- Linux -->
     49                <td align="center" bgcolor="AntiqueWhite"><tt>Yes <a href="#6">[6]</a></tt></td> <!-- FreeBSD -->
     50                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>No</tt></td> <!-- MS-Windows -->
     51        </tr>
     52        <tr>
     53                <td><tt>CCISS (HP/Compaq Smart Array Controller)</tt></td>
     54                <td><tt>-d cciss,N</tt></td>
     56                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>Yes <a href="#7">[7]</a></tt></td> <!-- Linux -->
     57                <td align="center" bgcolor="AntiqueWhite"><tt>Yes</tt></td> <!-- FreeBSD -->
     58                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>No</tt></td> <!-- MS-Windows -->
     59        </tr>
     60        <tr>
     62                <td><tt>LSI MegaRAID SAS RAID controller</tt></td>
     63                <td><tt>-d megaraid,N</tt></td>
     64                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>Yes <a href="#8">[8]</a></tt></td> <!-- Linux -->
     65                <td align="center" bgcolor="AntiqueWhite"><tt>No</tt></td> <!-- FreeBSD -->
     66                <td align="center" bgcolor="Azure"><tt>No</tt></td> <!-- MS-Windows -->
     68        </tr>
     72<p>See the notes below and the <b><a href="">INSTALL</a></b>
     73file for information about kernel and driver requirements on your platform. Also consult
     74the <a href="">man pages</a> for controller specific smartmontools options or
     81<strong><a name="1">1.</a></strong> 3ware RAID controllers are supported on Linux
     82since smartmontools release 5.1-18. Support for char devices /dev/tw* was added in release 5.33.<br />
     83<strong><a name="2">2.</a></strong> 3ware support on FreeBSD is available since release 5.33,
     84multiple controller and char device support was added in release 5.36.<br />
     85<strong><a name="3">3.</a></strong> 3ware 9000 series only (added in release 5.37),
     86requires Windows driver 9.4.0 or later. For older controllers, smartctl and smartd provide
     87limited SMART support through tw_cli tool, see man page. <br />
     88<strong><a name="4">4.</a></strong> Areca support on Linux added at 2008-07-24. Get
     89<strong>current version</strong> from <a href="">SVN</a>.
     90The Areca controller must have firmware version 1.46 or later. Earlier versions will
     91not return SMART information but will instead produce (harmless) SCSI error messages.<br />
     93<strong><a name="5">5.</a></strong> HighPoint RocketRAID support for Linux was added in release 5.37.<br />
     94<strong><a name="6">6.</a></strong> HighPoint RocketRAID support for FreeBSD was added on 2009-01-14.
     95Get <strong>current version</strong> from <a href="">SVN</a><br />
     96<strong><a name="7">7.</a></strong> CCISS (Compaq Smart Array Controller) support for Linux was added in release 5.37.<br />
     97<strong><a name="8">8.</a></strong> Support for LSI MegaRAID controller on Linux was added at 2008-10-03.
     98Get <strong>current version</strong> from <a href="">SVN</a><br />