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    3232* {{{2014-04-12}}}: GSmartControl home page has been moved from [[|BerliOS]] to [[|SourceForge]] due to planned closure of the BerliOS Developer Portal.
    3333* {{{2013-07-26}}}: We released [[|version 6.2 of Smartmontools]].
     34* {{{2013-06-29}}}: The home page of the alternative ''Smartmontools for Windows Package'' was moved to a [[|new location]]. This package by Ozy de Jong provides user friendly support for smartd configuration and unattended setup.
    3435* {{{2013-06-04}}}: Due to [[|sourceforge platform upgrades]], the smartmontools SVN repository was moved to a [[|new location]]. See the [[|new code browser]] for sample checkout commands.
    3536* {{{2013-03-16}}}: We released [[|version 6.1 of Smartmontools]].
     37* {{{2012-10-27}}}: Ozy de Jong released an alternative installer for smartmontools on Windows. It provides user friendly support for smartd configuration and unattended setup.
    3638* {{{2012-10-10}}}: Ten years after the [[/browser/tags/RELEASE_5_0/sm5|first version of Smartmontools]], we released [[|version 6.0 of Smartmontools]].
    3739* {{{2012-08-12}}}: Alexander Shaduri released [[|version 0.8.7 of GSmartControl]] (a graphical user interface for smartctl). Available for Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X and Windows.
    3840* {{{2012-06-30}}}: We released [[|version 5.43 of Smartmontools]].
     41* {{{2012-05-30}}}: We added experimental support for SATA drives behind an Areca SATA/SAS controller on Windows. Thanks to Areca for providing this patch.
    3942* {{{2012-05-22}}}: The [[|OS-X-SAT-SMART-Driver]] provides access to SMART data for SAT capable USB and Firewire devices on Mac OS X. This works with existing smartmontools releases. See [[/ticket/25#comment:9"|ticket #25]] for further details.
     43* {{{2011-10-20}}}: We released [[|version 5.42 of Smartmontools]].
     44* {{{2011-06-09}}}: We released [[|version 5.41 of Smartmontools]].
     45* {{{2011-02-04}}}: We added experimental support for disks behind Intel Matrix RAID driver on Windows.
     46* {{{2011-01-26}}}: Intel released [[|Firmware update 2CV102M3 for Intel X18-M/X25-M/X25-V G2 (34nm) SSDs]]. Changes include improvements to SMART attributes and a fix for possible drive hangs when reading SMART self-test log.
    4047* {{{2010-12-09}}}: Samsung released an [[|important firmware patch for HD155UI and HD204UI]]. '''WARNING''': Do not use smartmontools or hdparm with these drives unless this patch is already installed. Drives manufactured December 2010 or later are not affected. See [[wiki:SamsungF4EGBadBlocks|this page]] for details.
     48* {{{2010-12-02}}}: Samsung confirmed the problem. A firmware update for the HD204UI is under development.
     49* {{{2010-11-24}}}: '''WARNING''': Using smartctl with Samsung F4 !EcoGreen drives may result in write errors and bad blocks. Do not use smartmontools with these drives! Thanks to German c't magazine for this info.
     50* {{{2010-11-08}}}: The software collection DVD from German [[|c't magazine 24/2010]] includes smartmontools 5.40-1 and GSmartControl 0.8.5-4 for Windows.
     51* {{{2010-10-16}}}: We released [[|version 5.40 of Smartmontools]].
     52* {{{2010-09-01}}}: We added the ability to display and clear the timed workload attributes of Intel X25 SSDs.
     53* {{{2010-08-20}}}: We added support for SSDs with !SandForce controller. Only a few drive models are detected for now.
     54* {{{2010-04-27}}}: We added a new SVN branch RELEASE_5_39_DRIVEDB with a [[source:/branches/RELEASE_5_39_DRIVEDB/smartmontools/drivedb.h|drivedb.h]] file that can be used to update the drive database of smartmontools 5.39 and 5.39.1.
     55* {{{2010-01-28}}}: We released [[|version 5.39.1 of Smartmontools]].
     56* {{{2009-12-09}}}: We released [[|version 5.39 of Smartmontools]].
     57* {{{2009-09-12}}}: '''This wiki became our official homepage now.''' We hope you like it :-)
     58* {{{2009-09-11}}}: Because Sourceforge removed the product `Wikispace`, our wiki has moved to this new Trac.
     59* {{{2009-07-16}}}: We moved our CVS-Repository to Subversion. If built from trunk, the first line of smartmontools output now reports the SVN revision date and number.
     60* {{{2009-03-23}}}: Experimental support for Sunplus USB bridges is available with new option `-d usbsunplus`, for JMicron USB bridges with option `-d usbjmicron`.
     61* {{{2008-09-23}}}: Thanks to contributor Jordan Hargrave, smartmontools now supports MegaRAID controllers. Use `-d megaraid,N` to inspect disk N behind the controller.