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     6== News ==
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     10* {{{2015-06-04}}}: We released [[|version 6.4 of Smartmontools]].
     11* {{{2014-08-19}}}: The [[|HDD Guardian project]] released HDD Guardian 0.6.1 (a graphical user interface for smartctl). Available only for Windows.
     12* {{{2014-07-26}}}: We released [[|version 6.3 of Smartmontools]].
     13* {{{2014-06-05}}}: As [[|sourceforge will retire Trac as hosted app]], we moved our wiki and ticket tracker to this server. Many thanks to Alex Samorukov who made this possible! :-)
     14* {{{2014-04-12}}}: GSmartControl home page has been moved from [[|BerliOS]] to [[|SourceForge]] due to planned closure of the BerliOS Developer Portal.
     15* {{{2013-07-26}}}: We released [[|version 6.2 of Smartmontools]].
     16* {{{2013-06-04}}}: Due to [[|sourceforge platform upgrades]], the smartmontools SVN repository was moved to a [[|new location]]. See the [[|new code browser]] for sample checkout commands.
     17* {{{2013-03-16}}}: We released [[|version 6.1 of Smartmontools]].
     18* {{{2012-10-10}}}: Ten years after the [[/browser/tags/RELEASE_5_0/sm5|first version of Smartmontools]], we released [[|version 6.0 of Smartmontools]].
     19* {{{2012-08-12}}}: Alexander Shaduri released [[|version 0.8.7 of GSmartControl]] (a graphical user interface for smartctl). Available for Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X and Windows.
     20* {{{2012-06-30}}}: We released [[|version 5.43 of Smartmontools]].
     21* {{{2012-05-22}}}: The [[|OS-X-SAT-SMART-Driver]] provides access to SMART data for SAT capable USB and Firewire devices on Mac OS X. This works with existing smartmontools releases. See [[/ticket/25#comment:9"|ticket #25]] for further details.
     22* {{{2010-12-09}}}: Samsung released an [[|important firmware patch for HD155UI and HD204UI]]. '''WARNING''': Do not use smartmontools or hdparm with these drives unless this patch is already installed. Drives manufactured December 2010 or later are not affected. See [[|this page]] for details.
     26Smartmontools (and content in this wiki) is published under [ GNU GPL].