Change History for Help

Version Date Author Comment
22 3 months chrfranke Remove link to WARNINGS file
21 3 months chrfranke Update Operations link
20 3 months chrfranke Gmane is offline
19 3 months chrfranke Fix links to old example outputs
18 4 months chrfranke Update mailing list archive links
17 6 months samm2 Remove piwik code
16 18 months dipohl new link for search of smartmontools support mailing list
15 2 years chrfranke Update FreeBSD bug database link
14 2 years dipohl link to badblockhowto in subversion repo
13 4 years dipohl searching the mailing list works now again
12 4 years dipohl Link to both annotated reports
11 6 years dipohl Add piwik sensor
10 6 years chrfranke Update bug database links, add MacPorts? bug database
9 6 years chrfranke Add Ubuntu bug database, some syntax fixes
8 6 years dipohl added instruction to workaround bug in SF search function
7 7 years chrfranke Fix mailinglist search link, remove outdated comment.
6 7 years dipohl Refer to bad block HOWTO
5 7 years dipohl New page Howto read smartctl reports on ATA disks
4 7 years dipohl Add own section FAQ
3 7 years dipohl Insert global Menu, change local Toc to "inline" layout
2 7 years dipohl some more links to new wiki pages
1 7 years dipohl Transfer content from homepage to here