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Some general guidelines for new smartmontools developers

Table of Contents

  1. Documentation
  2. Code
  3. Collaboration


  • Keep the documentation current, by updating these files:
  • Add your name to the AUTHORS file
  • Update the CHANGELOG file (at the top) each time that you check in changes to SVN


  • If you are adding substantial code or new code, add yourself as a copyright holder to the top of the relevant file(s).
  • Please comment your code enough to make it understandable to others.
  • Please keep in mind that smartmontools runs on many different platforms, so one should avoid platform and operating-system-specific code whenever possible. If you are concerned about the portability of your code, please write to the developers list to ask for help.


  • Subscribe to the smartmontools developers mailing list
  • Your code should in general be checked directly into SVN. If you are concerned that your changes might have a broad impact, then it is a good idea to circulate an email about it to the developers mailing list above, and perhaps to also circulate your changes in the form of a patch.