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Doxygen generates our sourcecode documentation pages automatically by reading the sourcecode. If you set a block with C++ comment lines, where each line starts with an additional slash, the text will be shown in the doxygen generated docs. Note that a blank line ends a documentation block. You may add two blocks, a first one with a brief description and a second with an extended description for a class, struct or function.

/// SAT support.
/// Implements ATA by tunnelling through SCSI.

class sat_device

Use in line comment style to add explanation on defines and variables. A comment starting with three slashes, will appear in doxygen. Comments that start with only two slashes, will be invisible there.

bool sct_erc_set;                       // set SCT ERC to:
unsigned short sct_erc_readtime;        // ERC read time (deciseconds)
unsigned short sct_erc_writetime;       // ERC write time (deciseconds)

unsigned char curr_pending_id;          // ID of current pending sector count, 0 if none
unsigned char offl_pending_id;          // ID of offline uncorrectable sector count, 0 if none
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