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    635635Even if a full backup of the disk is available, or the disk has been ''ejected'' from a RAID, it may still be worthwhile to reassign the bad block(s) that caused the problem (or simply format the disk (see `sg_format`)) and re-use the disk later (not unlike the way a replacement disk from a manufacturer might be used).
     637=== Automated test and reassign ===
     638There are tools that check the entire hard drive and performs reassignment (by SCSI command or by ordinary write) on bad LBAs.
     640* Seagate's Seachest and openSeaChest provide a [ `openSeaChest_GenericTests`] utility that performs non-smart testing by ordinary read and write (as a result, it can do a "selective" test on SCSI). It can be configured to reassign any bad sectors fount. It understands SCSI error-recovery flags and acts accordingly.
     641* Also in (open)!SeaChest is the `openSeaChest_SMART` utility. It performs SMART self-tests instead of a generic test, but has the same ability to reassign (getting locations from on SMART error log).
     642* There are scripts on the internet that parses `smartctl` output and runs `hdparm`, but with seaChest they should be considered obsolete.
     644Seagate's tools print out a bad LBA list at the end. Since data on a bad sector is probably already lost, it may be a good idea to fix first and then go back to figuring out what was affected. Doing the fix first avoids futile read-retries by the disk, which can take a long time on disks without Error Recovery Control.
    637646== Case Studies ==
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