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Seagate IronWolf? 125 SSD and Pro125 SSD

Vendor spec files for SMART attributes

Table of Contents

  1. Kingston
  2. Seagate

The following docs provide a detailed description of SMART Attribute support and how each may be used in the listed devices.


MKF-895 Kingston® KC600 ©2019 Kingston Technology Corporation

MKP-521.6US Kingston® SEDC1000H ©2017 Kingston Technology Corporation

MKP-521.5 Kingston® SM2280S3G2, SEDC400S37, SKC310S37A, SHSS37A, SUV300S37A, SKC400S37 and SV310S37A ©2016 Kingston Technology Corporation

MKP-521.3 Kingston® SUV400S37 ©2015 Kingston Technology Corporation

MKP-306.2 Kingston® SF-2000 Based SSD ©2015 Kingston Technology Corporation


100866980, Rev C Seagate® IronWolf?® 125 SSD ZA250NM10002, ZA500NM10002, ZA1000NM10002, ZA2000NM10002, ZA4000NM10002 ©July 2020 Seagate Technology LLC

100866982, Rev A Seagate® IronWolf?® Pro125 SSD ZA240NX10001, ZA480NX10001, ZA960NX10001, ZA1920NX10001, ZA3840NX10001 ©July 2020 Seagate Technology LLC