May 13, 2024:

6:24 PM Ticket #1832 (Submission of Toshiba MQ04UBB400 to database) created by eSiOHJ
Attachment generated by "sudo smartctl -x /dev/sdx > …
12:26 PM Ticket #1831 (No JSON support for "Auto Offline data collection on/off support") created by Alexander Shaduri
Hi, It looks like in JSON/ATA output, no corresponding keys are …

May 8, 2024:

3:49 PM Ticket #1830 (error message for missing argument segfaults (musl libc)) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5613.
3:46 PM Changeset [5613] by Christian Franke
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Fix segfault on missing option argument …
11:03 AM Ticket #1830 (error message for missing argument segfaults (musl libc)) created by ncopa
running any of: smartctl -l, smartctl -t, smartctl -P, `smartctl …

May 4, 2024:

10:02 AM Ticket #1816 (Trac: Error when creating ticket) closed by Alex Samorukov
fixed: Issue fixed in the upstream and fix was backported from the SVN as …

May 1, 2024:

3:09 PM Ticket #1829 (Patch for SSD PHISON 128GB PS3110-S10C) created by Cmdr_Zod
Please find attached the output of smartctl -x /dev/sdX and a patch to …

Apr 30, 2024:

11:47 PM Ticket #1828 (smartctl -x creates new NVMe errors) closed by rzsn
duplicate: This ticket is a duplicate of ticket #1741.
11:23 PM Ticket #1827 (Read Self-test Log failed: Invalid Field in Command (0x4002)) closed by Artem S. Tashkinov
duplicate: Yeah, it's a dupe, it all works when I don't specify the namespace. …
9:47 PM Ticket #1828 (smartctl -x creates new NVMe errors) created by rzsn
I was given a drive to check the condition, but errors kept …
6:07 PM Ticket #1827 (Read Self-test Log failed: Invalid Field in Command (0x4002)) created by Artem S. Tashkinov
smartctl 7.4 2023-08-01 r5530 fails to read the Self-test Log and …

Apr 29, 2024:

8:36 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Update Ubuntu repology.org badge (diff)

Apr 28, 2024:

11:37 AM Ticket #1826 (Add device to drivedb (WDC WD80EMZZ-11B4FB0)) created by kojum
Western Digital Mybook Duo with hard drive WDC WD80EMZZ-11B4FB0 not …

Apr 26, 2024:

6:03 PM Changeset [5612] by Christian Franke
os_win32/vc1[67]/*: Set svn:eol-style=CRLF, MSVC does not preserve LF.

Apr 23, 2024:

7:13 PM Ticket #1777 (Device: /dev/sda, IE (SMART) not enabled, skip device, after smartctl ...) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: No feedback from reporter.

Apr 20, 2024:

3:46 PM Ticket #1825 (Use the CI build process also for official releases) created by Christian Franke
Release source tarballs and the related *.dmg and …
1:40 PM Ticket #1824 (Change the capability name of "Offline surface scan" to "Off-line Read ...) closed by Christian Franke
wontfix: This may break external scripts which parse smartctl output.
3:17 AM Ticket #1824 (Change the capability name of "Offline surface scan" to "Off-line Read ...) created by jay
This is listed in the capabilities section when using smartctl …

Apr 17, 2024:

10:52 AM Ticket #1823 (Version in name of *.dmg file does not match 'version' in ...) created by John Lockwood
Installers for macOS as hosted at …

Apr 16, 2024:

11:20 AM Ticket #1822 (<ATP SATAIII SSD> Add additional model name information to the database) created by ATPElectronics
Hi, please kindly help update the database with the attached patch …
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