Oct 17, 2023:

9:08 PM Changeset [5557] by Doug Gilbert
missed a 'not' in the description of the previous patch; added
6:26 AM Changeset [5556] by Doug Gilbert
scsiprint.cpp : Format status indicates no format since manufacture
6:12 AM Ticket #1758 (Add HFS480G32FEH-BA10A (Hynix SE5031) (Dell Channel)) created by Anthony D'Atri
Dell shipped us a number of these drives. A different variant of …

Oct 16, 2023:

9:45 PM Ticket #1757 (HP EX950 Nvme Drive not in database) created by Alan Knepper
Submitting output of smartctl -x /dev/nvme0n1

Oct 13, 2023:

4:39 PM Ticket #1756 (USB-A/USB-C flash Kingston DataTraveller Max (0x0951:0x177f)) created by Andrius
Hello, I have several these usb flash memory keys, 256 GiB - …

Oct 12, 2023:

7:20 AM Changeset [5555] by Doug Gilbert
scsiprint.cpp : misplaced else corrupted the output of the Format …

Oct 11, 2023:

8:08 AM Ticket #1755 (Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C rare models (HDS721050CLA660)) created by Mizuki
The Deskstar 7K1000.C models are classified by CLAxx2, however there …
3:41 AM Ticket #1754 (Missing seagate-st4000dx005-3gh101) created by Bruce Petrie
Hello! getting errors in logs for 3 of these drives in my system: Not …

Oct 10, 2023:

9:21 AM Ticket #1751 (SMART Test never ending and cannot be stopped) closed by Felix

Oct 8, 2023:

2:23 PM Download edited by Christian Franke
Update Windows package info, update or remove outdated links (diff)
7:25 AM Ticket #1753 (LONGSYS RSYE3836N-(480G|960G|1920|3840) SSD need to add drive data ...) created by Stanley Ye
Hi, Good day. We found LONGSYS UNICA 3836 series SSD is not included …

Oct 5, 2023:

1:25 PM Ticket #1750 (Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: There are no drive database entries for NVMe devices. See the …
4:15 AM Ticket #1752 (Please add Model TS512GSSD470K) created by keigo_nakamura
Hi, Please see attached report for SSD. I have checked the online …

Oct 4, 2023:

8:39 AM Ticket #1751 (SMART Test never ending and cannot be stopped) created by Felix
Hi, I have accumulated some 30 or more HGST HUC101212CSS600 disks over …

Oct 1, 2023:

12:50 PM Ticket #1750 (Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB) created by Mr Guinness
Hi, Please see attached test report for my nvme SSD. I have checked …

Sep 30, 2023:

8:24 PM Ticket #1749 (Not found in smartd database: TOSHIBA HDWG440) created by Tomas Engin
Hello. This disk does not seem to be registered in the database. Hope …
7:39 PM Ticket #1748 (Inconsistency in nvme output & recommendation) created by Mark Thompson
Smartctl 7.4 output for NVMe SMART Self-test Logs is not consistent …

Sep 29, 2023:

7:42 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
OpenBSD repology.org badge works again (diff)
1:56 PM Supported_USB-Devices_idVendor-0x1000 edited by René Bertin

Sep 18, 2023:

7:06 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Remove OpenBSD badge as repology.org apparently no longer tracks … (diff)
4:51 PM Ticket #1747 (Update of SMART Structure for Xmore SSD's) created by Jens K.
Please Update SMART Structure for Xmore SSD's according to attached file.
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