May 2, 2023:

11:30 PM Ticket #1722 (error_log on Seagate FireCuda 510 NVMe (Debian 11 and 12)) created by kolAflash
I'm getting error_log entries for my `Seagate FireCuda 510 SSD …

Apr 29, 2023:

12:49 PM Ticket #1720 (Western Digital SN730 SDBQNTY-1T00-1001 displaying incorrect data) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: Drive returns bogus information. This is not a smartctl bug.

Apr 28, 2023:

6:15 PM Ticket #1721 (Please add SanDisk SDSA6DM-016G-1006 to the Database) created by Cmdr_Zod
Please find attached the output of smartctl -x /dev/sdX

Apr 26, 2023:

7:40 PM Ticket #1720 (Western Digital SN730 SDBQNTY-1T00-1001 displaying incorrect data) created by opethfan91

Apr 25, 2023:

7:36 PM FAQ edited by Christian Franke
Could a missing drive database entry be added locally? (diff)

Apr 23, 2023:

2:55 AM Ticket #1719 (WD22PURZ-85B4ZY0 missing in drivedb.h) created by Francisco Bischoff
Already tested with latest drivedb: […] Changing the regex to …

Apr 22, 2023:

8:21 PM Unsupported_USB-Devices edited by Cmdr_Zod
Maxtor Personal Storage 3000LS (diff)
7:12 PM Unsupported_USB-Devices edited by Cmdr_Zod
6:24 PM Unsupported_USB-Devices edited by Cmdr_Zod
Added TrekStor DataStation microdisk (diff)

Apr 21, 2023:

6:00 PM Ticket #1718 (Seagate ST8000NE001 Ironwolf Pro 8TB) created by Kris Knigga
Hello, I have a hard drive that's not in the smartmontools database. …

Apr 18, 2023:

8:27 AM Ticket #1717 (Please add ATP SATA III aMLC M.2 2280 Embedded SSD to database) created by ATPElectronics
Please help adding ATP SATA III aMLC M.2 2280 Embedded SSD smart …

Apr 7, 2023:

10:47 PM Ticket #1716 (Monitor "Available Spare" for NVMe SSD devices) created by BradGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Available Spare is not monitored, but should be, because `Available …
2:17 PM Ticket #1463 (Samsung NVME Power on Hours: - space between the digits of the value) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: This is likely a locale issue. No feedback from reporter.
2:13 PM Ticket #1521 (Wearout not correct Transcend TS512GMTE220S) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: Not a smartctl bug. No feedback from reporter.
6:07 AM Ticket #1715 (Allow to ignore certain bits of NVMe Critical Warning byte) created by BradGeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I have a Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB with 424TB written. The drive …

Apr 6, 2023:

6:18 PM Ticket #1711 (Add drive to DB - WD20EFZX-68AWUN0) closed by Christian Franke
duplicate: Already added in r5362, r5365, see ticket #1589. Please …
3:34 PM Ticket #1714 (AZW 512G M.2 SATA SSD 221010 P (512GB SSD/SN11986)) created by Rainer Aglas
A SSD to add to the database Manufacturer: Shenzhen azw Technology …
5:16 AM Ticket #1713 (New database entry: ADATA SU630) created by IvoPalli
This is a 1TB USB SSD from ADATA. It has an Unknown USB bridge …
1:37 AM Ticket #1712 (Please add Samsung HD161HJ to the database) created by Cmdr_Zod
According to the …

Apr 5, 2023:

11:59 PM Ticket #1711 (Add drive to DB - WD20EFZX-68AWUN0) created by Jack Gomez
Hi, I have the following drive and it shows that it is not in the …
3:01 PM Ticket #1710 (Single PERC H700 HDD through HyperV as scsi device) created by kostya
I have Windows Server 2008 R2 with Dell Perc H700, in which i have …
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