Mar 21, 2023:

8:47 PM Changeset [5470] by Doug Gilbert
tweak to suppress a warning from gcc/g++ 9.3
12:28 AM Ticket #1704 (Add WD101EFAX-68LDBN0 to database) created by Richard
Western Digital Red 10TB

Mar 19, 2023:

8:34 PM Ticket #1703 (Patriot Burst Elite 2.5 inch SSD 1920GB) created by Sebastian
Please add the missing SSD attributes for this drive. Other models are …

Mar 17, 2023:

10:14 PM Ticket #1702 (Seagate ST8000VN004-2M2101 doesn't show SMART attributes with -x) created by Matt Cole
I have a Seagate Ironwolf 8TB drive (model ST8000VN004-2M2101) that's …

Mar 15, 2023:

9:00 PM Changeset [5469] by Doug Gilbert
expand functionality of json::str2key()

Mar 14, 2023:

9:01 PM Changeset [5468] by Christian Franke
farmprint.cpp, os_freebsd.cpp: Use 'snprintf()' instead of 'sprintf()'.
8:49 PM Changeset [5467] by Christian Franke
farmprint.cpp: Avoid unneeded copy of json::ref.

Mar 13, 2023:

4:04 PM Changeset [5466] by Christian Franke
cppcheck.sh: Mark cppcheck 2.10 as tested.
3:57 PM Changeset [5465] by Christian Franke
farmprint.cpp: Fix loop conditions which may result in infinite loops …
1:53 PM Changeset [5464] by Christian Franke
Fix MSVC builds. os_win32/vc*/smartctl.vcxproj*: Add new FARM files. …
12:44 PM Changeset [5463] by Christian Franke
farmprint.cpp: Increase buffer size of 'worldWideName' (GH …
11:45 AM Changeset [5462] by Christian Franke
Large update adding pulling and parsing of Seagate's vendor-specific …

Mar 9, 2023:

6:23 PM Ticket #1701 (Smartctl: Exception: json.cpp(313): Assertion failed: p->type == nt_array) closed by asomers
fixed: r5434
6:00 PM Ticket #1701 (Smartctl: Exception: json.cpp(313): Assertion failed: p->type == nt_array) created by asomers
smartctl -a /dev/da75 --json crashes for one particular disk, perhaps …
9:53 AM Ticket #1700 (INTENSO Performance 500GB (Intenso SSD Sata III)) created by jdi-43

Mar 7, 2023:

7:40 AM Ticket #1699 (not in the drive database: Kingmax SATA SSD 240GB) created by Henry
Kingmax SATA SSD 240GB KE31

Mar 2, 2023:

12:49 AM Ticket #1698 (Please add ONDA S-12 64GB to the Database) created by Cmdr_Zod
This is an mSATA SSD with a Silicon Motion SM2258XT My drive has one …

Feb 26, 2023:

9:02 PM Supported_USB-Devices_idVendor-0x1000 edited by steap
Adding info about 0x152d:0x0562 (diff)
2:54 PM Changeset [5461] by Alex Samorukov
remove js language from the matrix
2:29 PM WikiStart edited by Alex Samorukov
Proxy link locally to avoid cors issues (diff)
2:01 PM WikiStart edited by Alex Samorukov
Add CodeQL badge (diff)
1:27 PM Changeset [5460] by Alex Samorukov
add codeql scanning instead of lgtm

Feb 25, 2023:

10:15 PM Changeset [5459] by Alex Samorukov
update doxygen file
8:40 PM Changeset [5458] by Alex Samorukov
Update FreeBSD versions to match updated Docker image

Feb 21, 2023:

4:25 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Update OpenBSD link (diff)
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