Feb 13, 2020:

3:52 AM Ticket #1299 (--scan and DEVICESCAN shouldn't return ses devices on FreeBSD) created by asomers
On FreeBSD, SCSI Enclosure Services devices show up as /dev/sesX. …

Feb 12, 2020:

10:52 PM Ticket #1298 (Add ADATA IM2S3138E-128GM-B) created by Sebastian Schildt
Found it upgrading a laptop. Not in neweset db file, but still a lot …

Feb 11, 2020:

7:34 AM Ticket #1297 (Get/set/reset ATA ACS-4 ERC Power-on Timer Value) created by Christian Franke
ATA ACS-4 introduced three new function codes for SCT Error Recovery …

Feb 9, 2020:

7:46 PM Ticket #1296 (Smartmontools USB Device Support for device 0x152d:0x1337 (0x508)) created by Farden
Hello, I would like to report that the USB enclosure Assmann Digitus …

Feb 8, 2020:

1:39 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Add shields.io badges for download count and GitHub issues (diff)

Feb 4, 2020:

12:50 PM Ticket #1295 (Unknown USB bridge [0x0860:0x0001], missing from database) created by cyberpunkrocker
[…] The device in question is an USB-to-M.2_SATA_SSD interface …

Feb 3, 2020:

12:41 PM Ticket #1294 (Crucial MX500: bogus raw values in attribute 197) closed by Christian Franke
worksforme: There were reports that this firmware may randomly flip the raw value …
10:41 AM Ticket #1294 (Crucial MX500: bogus raw values in attribute 197) created by D.Dave
Manjaro Linux, smartctl 7.1 (smartmontools 7.1-1) Since smartmontools …

Jan 30, 2020:

5:43 PM Ticket #1293 (drivedb.h Fix for PLEXTOR PX-128M3) created by sterling pickens
My SSD has an extra space "PLEXTOR PX-128M3" so it is not detected. …

Jan 29, 2020:

10:34 PM Ticket #1292 (Support for Advantech SQFlash SSDs in drivedb) created by pwyliu
Hi, This ticket is to add support for Advantech SQFlash 830 series …
5:46 PM Ticket #1291 (Adding Seagate Exos X16 ST16000NM001G to database) created by idkaa
Just for a quick update for the database I share the dump attached to …

Jan 28, 2020:

12:42 AM Ticket #1290 (QNAP-TR002 Port Multiplier does not provide SMART data) created by Hendrik
I've originally commented on this issue at github: …

Jan 27, 2020:

9:11 PM Ticket #1048 (add to drivedb: WD WDS500G2B0A) closed by Christian Franke
duplicate: Already added in r4901, r4904, see ticket #1162.
9:42 AM Ticket #1289 (Missing device in database WDC WD4003FRYZ-01F0DB0) created by Markus
Hello, just wanted to help integrating this WD drive to the database. …

Jan 22, 2020:

11:20 PM Packages edited by Christian Franke
Update Debian, macOS, Windows, add Scoop (diff)
10:40 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Update Debian, add repository count badge (diff)
10:17 PM Supported_USB-Devices edited by Christian Franke
Remove various dead links (diff)

Jan 20, 2020:

4:55 PM Ticket #1288 (Could not add entry to USB page) created by Ben Chociej
Attempted to add the following line to …

Jan 17, 2020:

10:29 PM Ticket #1287 (Please add Western Digital WD8004FRYZ to the database) created by Cmdr_Zod
Please find attached the output of smartctl -q noserial -x /dev/sdX

Jan 16, 2020:

4:45 PM Ticket #1286 (Not in smartctl database: Seagate Barracuda 3.5" [ST2000DM008]) closed by v6f9
4:37 PM Ticket #1286 (Not in smartctl database: Seagate Barracuda 3.5" [ST2000DM008]) created by v6f9
Output for 'smartctl -x /dev/sdX' is attached.
9:09 AM Ticket #1285 (Smartctl on Sandforce OCZ-VERTEX3 appears to decode xselftest log badly) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: The drive returns garbage in the SMART Extended self-test log. …

Jan 15, 2020:

7:28 AM Ticket #1285 (Smartctl on Sandforce OCZ-VERTEX3 appears to decode xselftest log badly) created by Christopher Head
Here’s some output that doesn’t look right: […] It appears to be …
7:24 AM Ticket #1284 (Allow smartd to monitor xselftest log) created by Christopher Head
smartctl allows listing two logs, selftest and xselftest. But …
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