12:25 Packages edited by Christian Franke
Update Debian, Ubuntu (diff)


07:41 Links edited by Christian Franke
Add Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2016 (diff)


21:42 Changeset [4392] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Set various default LDFLAGS for MinGW builds: Link …


12:52 Ticket #809 (Intel SSD 540 M2) created by hihu
Hello I'm providing the log for the Intel SSD 540 because the drive …


21:32 Changeset [4391] by Christian Franke
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows Server 2016 build number.
21:19 Ticket #804 (CSMI ports != 0 no longer accessible after an update of IRST driver to 15.2) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r4390.
21:10 Changeset [4390] by Christian Franke
os_win32.cpp: Rework CSMI port mapping. This fixes access to ports != …


16:15 Ticket #808 (Add HFS250G32TND-N1A2A to database) created by Alan Lauer
Add SK hynix SSD model HFS250G32TND-N1A2A to smartctl/smartd database


08:09 Ticket #807 (Not in smartctl database: Seagate 5900 Surveillance HDD [ST2000VX003].) created by v6f9
Output for 'smartctl -x /dev/sdX' is attached.


15:46 Ticket #806 (Samsung Evo 850 / Seagate-Firecuda-ST2000DC002) created by hreindl
i have two of this drives which both are not in the samrtdb - not sure …
06:39 Ticket #805 (Kingston SHFS37A 240GB) created by linuxab
Dear smartmontools users, The datasheet and SMART attributes …


01:11 Ticket #804 (CSMI ports != 0 no longer accessible after an update of IRST driver to 15.2) created by Zulkefli Aris


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CentOS Packages (diff)
21:55 Packages edited by Gabriele Pohl
Fedora Packages (diff)


13:05 Ticket #803 (Intel SSDSC2KW120H6X1) created by Shad0
Please add a ssd drive Intel SSDSC2KW120H6X1. A link to the …


00:40 Ticket #802 (DB entry for SMART Modular Technologies mSATA XL+ SLC SSDs ...) created by blkeller
Attached a patch for supporting this family of drives and a full …


18:43 Changeset [4389] by Alex Samorukov
os_freebsd.cpp: unblock 48bit ATACAM commands for the legacy …


22:29 Changeset [4388] by Christian Franke
ataidentify.cpp: Don't shift negative values (g++ 6.3: …
22:21 Changeset [4387] by Christian Franke
ChangeLog?: Fix typo from r4385.
21:21 Supported_USB-Devices edited by fturco
added Freecom USB device (diff)
16:35 Changeset [4386] by Christian Franke
os_win32.cpp, scsiata.cpp, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: Fix 'if' and …
15:31 Changeset [4385] by Christian Franke
Add ident style configuration for EditorConfig?


20:45 Ticket #801 (Add Kingston A400 SSD to smartdb) created by Matthew Eaton
Please add Kingston A400 SSD to smartdb. Model numbers: KINGSTON …
09:37 Ticket #800 ("can't get bus number" issue with MegaRAID on ESXi) created by Simone Giordano
There is an issue using smartctl on ESXi to monitor disks behind the …


14:09 Ticket #799 (not in database SanDisk-SD8SNAT128G1002) created by DELLIEUX Aurelien
SanDisk?-SD8SNAT128G1002 is not in the database the device is in an …
14:04 Ticket #798 (not in database SAMSUNG-SSD-PM871-2.5 7mm-256GB) created by DELLIEUX Aurelien
SAMSUNG-SSD-PM871-2.5 7mm-256GB is not in the database the device is …
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