19:47 Changeset [4381] by chrfranke
scsiata.cpp: Remove redundant assignment (cppcheck: redundantAssignment).
18:26 Ticket #697 (Optionally use exit status != 2 for "-n standby" condition) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4380.
18:21 Changeset [4380] by chrfranke
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp, smartctl.8.in: Add STATUS …


22:30 Changeset [4379] by chrfranke
configure.ac: Rework CXXFLAGS settings, use shell intrinsics.
22:00 Changeset [4378] by chrfranke
os_win32.cpp: Fix harmless buffer overflow bug (found by VC14 code …
16:46 Ticket #794 (New Drive Model: LITEON_LMH-256V2M-11_MSATA_256GB) created by grimdari
13:09 Ticket #793 (SMART error (FailedReadSmartSelfTestLog) detected on host: xxx) created by valisann
Hi, I need your help regarding an issue related with smartmontools …
12:29 Ticket #792 (SK hynix SC 308 - add to database) created by wingers
Add drive to database - and work out which value is for SSD remaining life?


21:16 Ticket #775 (Unsupported SSD - SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HMJP-00000) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4376, r4377.
21:16 Ticket #754 (Add drive to database - Samsung MZNLF128HCHP) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4376, r4377.
21:16 Ticket #745 (Add Samsung PM871a) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4376, r4377.
21:16 Ticket #704 (SAMSUNG MZHPV512HDGL-00000 not in Current DataBase) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4376, r4377.
21:12 Changeset [4377] by chrfranke
Merge r4375 r4376 into 5.40-6.6 drivedb.h branches.
21:00 Changeset [4376] by chrfranke
drivedb.h: - Samsung based SSDs: 750 EVO, PM810(470), 840, PM830, …
20:34 Ticket #713 (Add Innodisk Mini PCIeDOM 1ME3 to the drive database) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4375.
20:31 Changeset [4375] by chrfranke
drivedb.h: - Innodisk 1ME3/3ME/3SE SSDs: Rename, add 1ME3 (ticket …
06:19 Ticket #779 (SMART attribute 22 in WD RED drives) closed by chrfranke
worksforme: WD Red 8TB and attribute 22 were already added in r4322. Please …


22:00 Changeset [4374] by chrfranke
Update NEWS.
21:36 Changeset [4373] by chrfranke
smartctl.8.in: Make '-d intelliprop' visible on all platforms. Add …
20:56 Changeset [4372] by chrfranke
os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new files.
20:48 Changeset [4371] by chrfranke
AUTHORS: Add Casey Biemiller.
20:46 Ticket #730 (Added an option for IntelliProp RAID controllers for choosing the ...) closed by chrfranke
fixed: Patch applied in r4370. Thanks.
20:35 Changeset [4370] by chrfranke
Add '-d intelliprop' device type for drives behind IntelliProp? RAID …
12:26 Ticket #791 (Crucial-CT2050MX300SSD1) closed by chrfranke
duplicate: See ticket #763.
02:13 Ticket #791 (Crucial-CT2050MX300SSD1) created by osapon
I would like to submit a ticket to include Crucial CT2050MX300SSD1 SSD …


23:21 Ticket #780 (smartmontools triggers kernel panic on INVARIANTS enabled FreeBSD ...) closed by Alex Samorukov
fixed: thank you, fixed in r4369
23:20 Changeset [4369] by Alex Samorukov
os_freebsd.cpp: fix panic on INVARIANTS enabled kernel
10:47 Ticket #790 (drivedb.h: TOSHIBA THNSFJ256GDNU A) created by tanriol
The M.2 SSD preinstalled in a Lenovo Thinkpad P50. Strangely, I could …


08:37 Ticket #789 (Seagate ST1000DX002 not in database) created by mroberds
Smartmontools People, I recently bought a Seagate ST1000DX002 drive …


09:38 Ticket #788 (Add temperature raw value in syslog, only log if normalized "health" ...) closed by chrfranke
worksforme: Use -W DIFF[,INFO[,CRIT]] directive to track temperature (works also …
08:34 Ticket #788 (Add temperature raw value in syslog, only log if normalized "health" ...) created by thomas303
Forwarding from …


10:34 Ticket #787 (Transcend TS1TMTS800 not in database) created by sergey.zharkov


17:46 Ticket #786 (new usb bridges 0x0bc2:0x3322 (0x100) and 0x0bc2:0xab38 (0x100)) created by yingted


20:09 Ticket #785 (New WDC Red Pro drives: WDC WD6002FFWX) created by Kai Harrekilde-Petersen
I found that my new 6TB WDC Red Pro drive wasn't recognized by …
11:03 Changeset [4368] by chrfranke
Add new signing key good through 2018.
10:30 Changeset [4367] by chrfranke
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.


06:41 Ticket #784 (WD MyBook 4TB: WDC WD40EZRZ-00WN9B0) created by Jake
-d sat works fine, but mustn't be registered in the drives db. …


21:32 Ticket #783 (Micron 1100 SATA SSD) created by Andrew


22:31 Ticket #782 (Support sg_io_v4 on /dev/bsg/*) created by Alexander K Austin
This enables usage on /dev/bsg/* devices. It has been trivially tested …
13:52 Ticket #777 (Not in databse: HP MB4000GCWLV) closed by mara43


06:10 Ticket #781 (smartctl for OCZ-AGILITY3 incorrectly reporting temperature of 128C) closed by chrfranke
invalid: This device has no temperature sensor and therefore should not return …


23:02 Ticket #781 (smartctl for OCZ-AGILITY3 incorrectly reporting temperature of 128C) created by Daniel
When running smartctl in FreeNAS 10 on an OCZ-AGILITY3 drive, I get a …
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