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09:10 Ticket #775 (Unsupported SSD - SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HMJP-00000) created by AGHost
Hello Please add SSD SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HMJP-00000 to your database. …


10:41 Ticket #774 (Add machine-readable output formating) created by lynxchaus
Patch adds machine simple comma-delimited output format. example …


11:21 Ticket #773 (WD Elements / My Passport 0x1058:0x25a1 (0x1005) needs -d sat) created by Christian Seiler
Dear maintainers, I own a WD external hard drive and smartctl works …
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add WD Elements / My Passport (USB, AF) 0x1058:0x25a1 (0x1005) (diff)


15:23 Ticket #772 (WD My Passport X not in drivedb) created by R00kie
As the title says, the WD My Passport X is not in the drive database. …


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21:09 Ticket #771 (WDC WDS250G1B0A-00H9H0) created by m0nkey_
Have a new WDC BLUE SSD not in the smartmontools database. See …


11:54 Ticket #770 ([Future Req./Bug] using smartctl in SMSC Buffalo USB Ext-HDD doesn't work) created by Chromaryu
Read title. Linux detects as Bus 002 Device 006: ID 0411:002a BUFFALO …
07:28 Ticket #769 (TOSHIBA PX04SRB384 rev AM04) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: This is a SAS SSD. SCSI/SAS devices do not provide ATA/SATA SMART …


23:50 Ticket #769 (TOSHIBA PX04SRB384 rev AM04) created by I-Ming Chen
This SSD drive doesn't output any monitoring metrics. Please see attached.
09:01 Ticket #768 (Confusing unit used on SAMSUNG MZ7LN512HCHP) created by Attila Fazekas
241 Total_LBAs_Written -O--CK 099 099 000 - 10346 242 …
06:53 Ticket #767 (Please add WD Blue PC SSD to the DB) created by Attila Fazekas
The related smart data was published in the WDSSDDashboardSetup.zip …


10:39 Changeset [4366] by Christian Franke
atacmds.h, freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h: Apply patch-atacmds.h 1.1 and …


13:59 Ticket #766 (JSON output mode for smartctl reports) created by hi2u
More and more command line programs now have an option to output …


19:42 Changeset [4365] by Christian Franke
os_linux.cpp: Don't detect devices behind hpsa driver as regular SCSI …


08:34 Ticket #765 (Add Western Digital Black WD4004FZWX to drivedb.h) created by Rudolf Leitgeb
Following the instructions from smartmontools FAQ and after …


02:20 Ticket #763 (New drive signature for Crucial MX300) created by Quinn Jones
This request is to add a new drive signature to the db. Per the FAQ I …


00:25 Ticket #762 (AMD Radeon R3SL120G not in smartctl database) created by milanc
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