12:58 Ticket #739 (Adding Buffalo MiniStation Extreme 1TB) created by Gergely Imreh


07:31 Ticket #738 (Seagate Backup Plus 4TB) created by Gergely Imreh
Adding new drive to database, Seagate Backup Plus 4TB, USB bridge …


11:43 NVMe_Support edited by Christian Franke
VirtualBox? now provides NVMe emulation (diff)


10:48 Ticket #737 (Exit code 0 returned even when no SCSI diagnostic data is available) created by cferri
An Exit Code of 0 is returned even when the SMART Data cannot be read. …


23:06 Supported_USB-Devices edited by scrabble80
Added Maxtor M3 Portable 4TB (diff)
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22:29 Supported_USB-Devices edited by scrabble80
20:48 Changeset [4342] by Christian Franke
Update NEWS.
20:42 Changeset [4341] by Christian Franke
Makefile.am: clean-vc14 targets.
20:34 Changeset [4340] by Christian Franke
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 build number.
20:09 Changeset [4339] by Christian Franke
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Use delayed variable expansion.
19:31 Changeset [4338] by Christian Franke
os_win32/smartd_mailer.ps1: Use domainname for default sender address. …


19:16 Ticket #736 (WD My Passport Ultra 2TB -- new revision needs -d sat) created by Jeremy Chadwick
It appears Western Digital has begun shipping out models of their WD …
11:11 Ticket #719 (Prolific PL2773 USB3.0/eSATAII-to-SATAII bridge via eSATA not working) reopened by Christian Franke
Reopen ticket as an enhancement request for a firmware bug workaround. …


19:44 Ticket #205 (Request for 3ware stdin support to smartctl in Linux) closed by Christian Franke
wontfix: For legacy controllers like 3ware, no new features will be added.
19:31 Ticket #735 ("smartctl -o on sdX" disables spindown) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: This is a drive firmware issue which cannot be fixed by smartctl.
19:19 Ticket #547 (smartctl -H same output for SCSI and ATA devices) closed by Christian Franke
wontfix: Changing this very old (r749) behavior may break existing scripts …
19:11 Ticket #680 ("LifeTime(hours)" wrap around in SMART's self-test log) closed by Christian Franke
wontfix: This is a limitation of the ATA self-test logs. A possible workaround …
17:51 USB edited by Christian Franke
Add note about possible PL2773 eSATA problem (diff)
17:43 Ticket #719 (Prolific PL2773 USB3.0/eSATAII-to-SATAII bridge via eSATA not working) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: This is a problem of the eSATA firmware of the Prolific PL2773.


18:38 Changeset [4337] by Christian Franke
os_win32/installer.nsi: Fix quoting of EDITOR shortcuts.
18:29 Ticket #731 (Send warning mails via PowerShell script under MS-Windows) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r4336.
18:26 Changeset [4336] by Christian Franke
Send warning mails via PowerShell? script on Windows (ticket #731): …


20:39 Ticket #735 ("smartctl -o on sdX" disables spindown) created by jimbob
Having turned smartctl -o on (and then off again) my WD passport 2TB …
12:32 Ticket #734 (-d megaraid,N is not implemented, FreeBSD 10.3 w/ LSI MegaRAID 9271-8i ...) created by Andrii Stesin
FreeBSD 10.3 system with LSI MegaRAID 9271-8i SATA/SAS RAID …


12:02 NVMe_Support edited by Alex Samorukov
Update OSX nvme support information (diff)


15:10 Ticket #733 (New drive for the database: Sandisk SDLF1DAR-480G-1JA1 (CloudSpeed ...) created by Dmitry Nosachev
Sandisk CloudSpeed? Gen. II Eco 480GB SATA SSD, p/n SDLF1DAR-480G-1JA1 …
14:19 Supported_USB-Devices edited by kengaru
Generic USB3 2.5" external enclosure w JMicron JMS539 and VID/PID … (diff)


22:11 Ticket #732 (Add Toshiba MG04ACA* to drivedb) created by usersmartdb
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