Jul 19, 2016:

6:56 AM Ticket #715 (SanDisk X400 SSD) created by Yue Li
Here't the generated report.[[

Jul 14, 2016:

10:47 AM Ticket #714 (New device: TOSHIBA THNSFJ256GCSU) created by Martin Schröder
My Lenovo notebook has an SSD that is not yet in your database. The …

Jul 11, 2016:

11:12 AM Ticket #713 (Add Innodisk Mini PCIeDOM 1ME3 to the drive database) created by manrud
8:11 AM Ticket #712 (Not in smartctl database: SanDisk Z400s (SanDisk SD8SFAT128G1122)) created by eik
SanDisk Z400s: https://www.sandisk.com/business/computing/z400s

Jul 6, 2016:

7:45 PM Help edited by Christian Franke
Update mailing list archive links (diff)

Jul 5, 2016:

8:22 PM Ticket #711 (WDC WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB0) created by BlackDwarf

Jul 4, 2016:

9:20 AM Ticket #701 (Smartd not sending email) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: No reply since June 4.

Jun 29, 2016:

10:06 PM Ticket #709 (Dead links on wiki: should be http://www.netpower.fr/smartmontools-win ...) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: Removed in News, fixed on …
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Fix dead link (ticket #709) (diff)
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Remove old News with dead link (ticket #709) (diff)
2:47 PM Ticket #710 (Trac update-smart-drivedb inverse logic typo) closed by Tomáš Chvátal
fixed: Actually I was wrong, we at suse had one patch over it and it messed …
2:33 PM Ticket #710 (Trac update-smart-drivedb inverse logic typo) created by Tomáš Chvátal
In the code there atm is: test -z "$dryrun" || exit 0 Which should …

Jun 28, 2016:

5:43 PM Ticket #709 (Dead links on wiki: should be http://www.netpower.fr/smartmontools-win ...) created by vanilla2
I could not find out how to ask wiki authors to correct a dead link, …

Jun 23, 2016:

8:49 PM Ticket #708 (Add HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 to the drivedb) created by Norst
http://www.hgst.com/products/hard-drives/ultrastar-7k6000 […]

Jun 19, 2016:

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