20:06 Ticket #709 (Dead links on wiki: should be http://www.netpower.fr/smartmontools-win ...) closed by chrfranke
fixed: Removed in News, fixed on …
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Fix dead link (ticket #709) (diff)
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Remove old News with dead link (ticket #709) (diff)
12:47 Ticket #710 (Trac update-smart-drivedb inverse logic typo) closed by scarabeus
fixed: Actually I was wrong, we at suse had one patch over it and it messed …
12:33 Ticket #710 (Trac update-smart-drivedb inverse logic typo) created by scarabeus
In the code there atm is: test -z "$dryrun" || exit 0 Which should …


15:43 Ticket #709 (Dead links on wiki: should be http://www.netpower.fr/smartmontools-win ...) created by vanilla2
I could not find out how to ask wiki authors to correct a dead link, …


18:49 Ticket #708 (Add HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 to the drivedb) created by Norst
http://www.hgst.com/products/hard-drives/ultrastar-7k6000 […]


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Some hints from Christian Franke on coding style (diff)


16:56 Ticket #694 (about the smartmontools command to fetch the NVMe SSD info under Windows.) closed by chrfranke
invalid: No reply since May 16.


20:39 Ticket #707 (New Seagate Barracuda ST5000DM000 device not in database) closed by chrfranke
worksforme: Already added in r4316, r4317 and included in smartmontools release …
19:52 Ticket #707 (New Seagate Barracuda ST5000DM000 device not in database) created by 2000sw
The Device ST5000DM000 is contained the in "Seagate Expansion Desktop …
19:04 Ticket #706 (Seagate USB bridge 0bc2:3322) created by 2000sw
Please mark devices with USB-ID 0bc2:3322 as -d sat. This is a …
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Add Backblaze Hard Drive Data and Stats (diff)


07:46 Ticket #705 (Support for Hardware raid using JMB39X) created by avica
Hello Would be nice to have the ability to monitor HDDs behind Jmicron …


11:12 Ticket #704 (SAMSUNG MZHPV512HDGL-00000 not in Current DataBase) created by kjhambrick
I've updated drivedb.h The SAMSUNG MZHPV512HDGL-00000 is not in the …


12:35 Ticket #702 (Support LSi 9260 Raid Card on Windows) created by jared.hirst
Hello, We have many Servers running Server 2008+ on LSi Raid cards …


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Remove duplicate drivedb.h download links (diff)
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update-smart-drivedb scripts 6.2 to 6.4 do no longer work (diff)


19:35 Ticket #701 (Smartd not sending email) created by zbert_2000
I have successfully setup smartd to run and it is showing errors in …
19:20 Ticket #700 (Add support for new USB Seagate drive [0x0bc2:0xab34]) created by lnicola
Works with -d sat. It's called Backup Plus Desktop, I think. I don't …


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Update Arch Linux, Frugalware, Fink, OpenSolaris?, Cygwin (diff)


20:54 Ticket #696 (Database: add WD My Passport Ultra (-d sat)) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r4323, r4325.
20:52 Changeset [4325] by chrfranke
Merge r4322 r4323 r4324 into 5.40-6.4 drivedb.h branches.
20:45 Changeset [4324] by chrfranke
drivedb.h: - Intel 311/313 Series SSDs: mSATA, *H (HP) variant - Intel …
20:41 Changeset [4323] by chrfranke
drivedb.h: - USB: WD My Passport Ultra (0x1058:0x0837) (ticket #696) - …
20:35 Changeset [4322] by chrfranke
drivedb.h: - HGST Ultrastar He6/He8: attribute 22 "Helium_Level" - …
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