Jul 19, 2015:

11:39 PM Ticket #595 (Add support for TS256GSSD370S) created by fiery
Transcend SSD370 - TS256GSSD370 (plastic case) is already in the …

Jul 15, 2015:

10:52 PM Changeset [4115] by Christian Franke
autogen.sh: Rework search for automake-VERSION.
10:21 PM Changeset [4114] by Christian Franke
autogen.sh, configure.ac: Drop support for automake 1.7 - 1.9.x.
10:02 PM Changeset [4113] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Drop support for autoconf 2.5x. Remove --with-docdir option.
9:33 PM Ticket #594 (add supported device Mediasonic PROBOX K32-SU3 USB3 3.5" enclosure) created by Steve Newcomb
MediaSonic PROBOX K32-SU3 3.5-inch USB 3.0 (mediasonic.ca) smartctl …

Jul 14, 2015:

12:04 AM Supported_USB-Devices edited by mmokrejs

Jul 13, 2015:

11:58 PM Supported_USB-Devices edited by mmokrejs
reordered items as tehy appeared on the market, documented their … (diff)

Jul 2, 2015:

10:42 PM Ticket #555 (Add osx installer and package to the SF downloads) created by Alex Samorukov
There are number of ways to get recent smartmontools on the OSX. …

Jul 1, 2015:

9:44 PM Changeset [4112] by Christian Franke
Merge r4111 into 5.40-6.3 drivedb.h branches.

Jun 24, 2015:

8:40 AM Ticket #554 (Unknown USB bridge [0x4971:0x8017 (0x8105)] works with -d sat) closed by Alex Samorukov
fixed: fixed in r4111
8:39 AM Changeset [4111] by Alex Samorukov
drivedb.h: add USB 3.0 SimpleTech bridge from #554
2:36 AM Ticket #554 (Unknown USB bridge [0x4971:0x8017 (0x8105)] works with -d sat) created by Viktor Suprun
Tested on Raspbian with smartctl 6.5 2015-06-04 r4110
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