Mar 20, 2015:

9:20 PM Changeset [4045] by Christian Franke
Merge r4044 into 5.40-6.3 drivedb.h branches.
9:18 PM Changeset [4044] by Christian Franke
drivedb.h: - Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX 460, OCZ AMD …
6:41 PM Links edited by Christian Franke
Add SMART Attributes Monitoring Plugin (diff)
7:40 AM Changeset [4043] by Christian Franke
Merge r4042 into 5.40-6.3 drivedb.h branches.
7:33 AM Changeset [4042] by Christian Franke
drivedb.h: - Crucial/Micron? MX100/MX200/M5x0/M600 Client SSDs: Rename, …

Mar 19, 2015:

7:40 PM Ticket #523 (clarify "--capabilities" option to distinguish from SMART capabilities) created by a_user
To help users distinguish between SMART capabilities and Linux process …

Mar 16, 2015:

7:07 PM Links edited by Alex Samorukov
add information about pySMART project (diff)

Mar 15, 2015:

11:21 AM Ticket #509 (Support pass-through for JMicron 322/363) closed by Alex Samorukov
wontfix: I am closing this ticket because it is not possible to work on this …

Mar 14, 2015:

8:24 PM Ticket #296 (Support SAT ATA PASS-THROUGH fixed format sense data) closed by Alex Samorukov
fixed: Implemented by dpgilbert in r4041.
1:50 AM Changeset [4041] by Doug Gilbert
scsiata.cpp: SATL handling: additionally accept ATA return registers …

Mar 11, 2015:

9:05 AM Ticket #343 (Read Defect Data commands for SSD) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r4040.

Mar 10, 2015:

11:30 PM Changeset [4040] by Doug Gilbert
SCSI: when SSD reports 'defect list not found', skip quietly. ticket # 343

Feb 25, 2015:

2:59 PM Ticket #520 (smartd should provide socket interface) created by ballock
smartd has knowledge of the state of all the hard drives in the …
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