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correcting my inability to wikicode (diff)
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Adding the thing I have to the wiki (diff)


05:36 Changeset [3854] by Christian Franke
dev_areca.h: Fix build on kFreeBSD (Debian bug 717567). Patch was …


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Add Slax (diff)
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Move Slax to LiveCDs page (diff)
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Update Tiny Core (diff)
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Update Arch Linux, Calculate, Debian, PLD, MidnightBSD, NetBSD, … (diff)


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Add Noname Alcor Micro AU6371 device (diff)


18:32 Ticket #292 (Some Seagate drives play loose with the usage of some fields, confuses ...) created by rincebrain
So, per [1] and some of my own observations, several models of Seagate …


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"LaCie? Porsche design Desktop drive P'9230" is supported (diff)


17:16 Ticket #291 (Temparature printout broken on tempminmax device once drive has been ...) created by nadeau
This is the output(below) I get from an SSD that has been in a …


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VPA7-25038, WDBPCK5000ABK (diff)


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Makefile.am: Add new examplescripts.
21:22 Changeset [3852] by Christian Franke
examplescripts: Add scripts from Debian and Fedora packages.
20:10 Changeset [3851] by Christian Franke
Add spaces between string literals and macro identifiers. This avoids …
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Merge r3848 r3849 into 5.40-6.0 drivedb.h branches.


21:46 Changeset [3849] by Dan Lukes
Format of attribute ID 234 of Intel's S3500 and S3700 SSD disc updated …
21:35 Ticket #290 (New attribute format raw8/raw32) closed by Dan Lukes
worksforme: Well, thermal throttle never occurred on my drive, so all bytes are …
12:11 Ticket #290 (New attribute format raw8/raw32) created by Dan Lukes
Such format is used in Intel SSD (at least S3500 and 520, see Intel's …


14:22 Changeset [3848] by Dan Lukes
drivedb.h: Intel DC S3500 Series SSDs added (taken from …
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