21:23 Ticket #25 (SCSI pass through for SMART via USB on MacOSX smartmontools? 3rd party ...) closed by chrfranke
worksforme: SMART support for SAT capable USB and Firewire devices is now …
21:07 Changeset [3555] by chrfranke
INSTALL, smartctl.8.in: Announce OS X SAT SMART Driver (ticket #25).
20:11 Changeset [3554] by chrfranke
Add smart_device::is_syscall_unsup().
19:38 Changeset [3553] by chrfranke
os_win32.cpp: Avoid ENOTSUP which is not provided by some versions of …
17:45 Ticket #225 ([bug] Bitwise OR should be bitwise AND) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3552.
10:36 Ticket #21 (not able to pull stats from drives attached to areca 1680 controllers) reopened by chrfranke
A patch for SATA drives behind Areca SAS controllers was provided by …
01:52 Ticket #228 (Powermode does not seem to work on Mac OS X (Darwin)) created by drfrogsplat
When attempting to use the '-n' argument for smartctl on Mac OS X, it …


21:26 Supported_RAID-Controllers edited by chrfranke
Update Areca info (diff)
21:06 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
Announce Areca support on Windows (diff)
20:57 Changeset [3552] by dpgilbert
Fix scsi pass-through SG_INFO_CHECK mask logic (Linux)
20:28 Ticket #227 (Intel 330 Support) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3551.
20:24 Changeset [3551] by chrfranke
drivedb.h updates: - Sandforce Driven SSDs: OCZ-NOCTI - Intel 330 …
19:03 Supported_USB-Devices edited by tygier
add ICY BOX IB-351StU3-B (diff)


21:36 Changeset [3550] by chrfranke
smartctl.8.in: One Cygwin section was missing in last commit.
21:25 Changeset [3549] by chrfranke
smartctl.8.in, smartd.conf.5.in: Document '-d areca NE' support for …
20:41 Changeset [3548] by chrfranke
Add help text and error messages for '-d areca,NE'.


17:29 Changeset [3547] by chrfranke
os_win32.cpp win_areca_device: Disable full 48-bit ATA support. Add …
16:56 Ticket #175 (Support for Areca drive data on Win7) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r3546.
16:54 Changeset [3546] by chrfranke
os_win32.cpp: Add support for SATA disks behind Areca SATA and SAS …
10:34 Ticket #175 (Support for Areca drive data on Win7) reopened by chrfranke
Areca provided a patch for os_win32.cpp.


23:43 Ticket #227 (Intel 330 Support) created by gnargl
When using smartctl with my Intel 330 SSD, two things caught my eye: …


21:19 Changeset [3545] by chrfranke
Windows installer: Make name of checksum file 32-/64-bit specific.
20:17 Changeset [3544] by chrfranke
Windows installer: Add support for combined 32-/64-bit installer.


21:08 Changeset [3543] by chrfranke
Windows installer: Drop support for UBCD4Win.


07:58 WikiStart edited by chrfranke
Announce OS-X-SAT-SMART-Driver (diff)


18:06 Ticket #226 (SCSI passthrough on OS X) closed by chrfranke
duplicate: See ticket #25.
15:31 Ticket #226 (SCSI passthrough on OS X) created by rjvbertin
Support for external USB or FW drives is currently lacking on Mac OS X …


18:18 Changeset [3542] by samm2
os_freebsd.cpp: copy&paste changes from Linux code, updating manual as well


11:32 FAQ edited by dipohl
How can I get the attribute information in human readable format? (diff)
11:26 FAQ edited by dipohl
What details can be interpreted from Raw read error rate? (diff)
11:19 FAQ edited by dipohl
Why is the attributes number and meaning different on the diks? (diff)


21:06 Download edited by chrfranke
Update Debian, PLD, OpenBSD, Fink (diff)
20:35 Changeset [3541] by chrfranke
smartctl.8.in, smartd.conf.5.in: Add brief doc for '-d areca N/E'.


20:25 Changeset [3540] by chrfranke
os_linux.cpp: Add optional enclosure number to '-d areca' option. This …


12:48 Supported_USB-Devices edited by mmokrejs
12:47 Supported_USB-Devices edited by mmokrejs
12:22 Supported_USB-Devices edited by mmokrejs


20:54 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Sharkoon SATA QuickDeck? Pro (unsupported) (diff)
20:38 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Fix sort order (diff)
20:28 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Remove/update broken links (diff)
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