17:29 Changeset [2993] by chrfranke
Linux: Add workaround for Adaptec series 2, 5 and 5Z controllers with …
17:15 Ticket #23 (strict-aliasing warnings from gcc 4.4.1 on Linux x86_64) closed by chrfranke
fixed: r2992. Option '-fno-strict-aliasing' set if supported. Patch slightly …
17:05 Changeset [2992] by chrfranke
configure.in: Add '-fno-strict-aliasing' to CXXFLAGS if supported …
00:55 Ticket #25 (SCSI pass through for SMART via USB on MacOSX smartmontools? 3rd party ...) created by putzfetzenorg
Dear smartmontools developers! Until the very recent version of …


20:21 Ticket #24 (configure option '--with-docdir' is obsolete and breaks '--docdir') created by chrfranke
Recent autoconf releases provide a '--docdir' option with default …
19:53 Changeset [2991] by chrfranke
Avoid truncation of configure arguments in '-V' output.


20:00 Ticket #23 (strict-aliasing warnings from gcc 4.4.1 on Linux x86_64) created by chrfranke
Build from smartmontools-5.39-rc.tar.gz (r2990) with gcc 4.4.1: g++ …


14:02 WikiStart edited by dipohl
News about RC1 (diff)


20:25 Changeset [2990] by chrfranke
Release 5.39-rc1 RELEASE_5_39_RC1
20:17 Changeset [2989] by chrfranke
Update NEWS.
09:04 Supported_USB-Devices edited by samm2


16:21 Changeset [2988] by samm2
Added USB IDs of WD Passport USB Portable


19:51 Ticket #22 (smartctl segfaults on 3ware) closed by chrfranke
fixed: Fixed in r2987 but not tested yet.
19:42 Changeset [2987] by chrfranke
Linux: Fix segfault in 3ware interface (ticket #22).


22:43 Changeset [2986] by manfred99
knowndrives.cpp updates: - Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000 - Seagate …


16:30 Ticket #22 (smartctl segfaults on 3ware) created by valharis
I'm running smartctl from SVN head (revision 2985) on an AMD64 system …
14:39 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Fix/remove broken product links (diff)
13:49 Changeset [2985] by chrfranke
Add USB ID of WD My Passport 070A. knowndrives.cpp update: - WD My …
13:16 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Add WD My Passport 070A (diff)


22:46 Changeset [2984] by chrfranke
smartd: Write 'worst' attribute value to '.state' file also. This …
21:41 Changeset [2983] by chrfranke
Rework ATA SMART attribute check in smartctl and smartd. smartd: …


20:21 WikiStart edited by dipohl
fix broken links to wiki pages (diff)


20:44 Changeset [2982] by chrfranke
Add USB IDs of Iomega LPHD080-0, 2 Genesys Logic bridges and Initio 316000.
20:29 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Add 7 devices (diff)
19:54 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Add Genesys Logic GL881E (diff)
19:36 Supported_USB-Devices edited by chrfranke
Fix sort order (diff)
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