Feb 12, 2024:

11:59 AM Ticket #1351 (InnoDisk Corp. - EDC 1SE2 H 64GB) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5110, r5111 work as expected, restoring ticket resolution.

Feb 11, 2024:

12:50 PM Ticket #1351 (InnoDisk Corp. - EDC 1SE2 H 64GB) reopened by softmove

Feb 5, 2024:

6:53 PM Ticket #1808 (add TS120GMTS820S to database) created by fumantsu
2:20 AM Ticket #1807 (Smartctl - Identify (--identify) to JSON) created by Nick
Hello, I have been using Smartctl for as long as I can remember, but …

Feb 1, 2024:

6:08 PM Ticket #1806 (JSON output for NVMe is missing info from 'smartctl -c') created by Richard Stephens
The JSON output mode appears to be missing the device's temparature …
6:01 PM Ticket #1805 (Dell SSD HFS1T9G32FEH-BA10A Not in Database) created by Rob Johnson
I'm not sure if the issue we are having in Proxmox is because the …

Jan 30, 2024:

9:29 PM Ticket #1804 (Patch for Toshiba MQ01ABF032) created by Cmdr_Zod
Please find attached the output of smartctl -x /dev/sdX and a patch to …

Jan 26, 2024:

11:51 AM Ticket #1803 (NVME support) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: NVMe is supported since smartmontools 6.5. No feedback from reporter.

Jan 24, 2024:

7:24 PM BadBlockHowto edited by Juergen
typo (diff)
11:30 AM Changeset [5597] by Christian Franke
Fix or disable all warnings from shellcheck.

Jan 23, 2024:

4:57 PM Changeset [5596] by Christian Franke
Makefile.am: Add target 'shellcheck'.
3:09 PM Changeset [5595] by Alex Samorukov
revert getversion.sh changes
8:35 AM Ticket #1803 (NVME support) created by bystrov.s
Please add support for ADATA SX8200PNP NVMe drive. What actions are …
3:06 AM Changeset [5594] by Alex Samorukov
getversion.sh: fix some minor issues and make shellcheck happy

Jan 19, 2024:

7:05 PM Changeset [5593] by Christian Franke
os_win32/installer.nsi: Avoid that code signing invalidates the …

Jan 18, 2024:

11:53 AM Ticket #1802 (add to drivedb: Hikvision HS-SSD-E100N 1024G) created by viktis
Could you add this drive to the smartmontools drivedb?

Jan 17, 2024:

5:17 PM Changeset [5592] by Christian Franke
utility.cpp: Add git commit hash to '-V' output if available.
5:01 PM Changeset [5591] by Christian Franke
Set version information also for builds from GH R/O mirror. …
3:04 PM Ticket #1801 (DB entry for Swissbit X-86m.2 Series) created by Cassiano.Silva
Can you please add the drivedb_X-86m2.h file to the smartmontools DB? …
3:00 PM Ticket #1800 (DB entry for Swissbit X-78m.2 Series) created by Cassiano.Silva
Can you please add the drivedb_X-78m2.h file to the smartmontools DB? …

Jan 16, 2024:

12:50 PM Changeset [5590] by Alex Samorukov
Add information about SignPath.io to the Readme.md to satisfy policy …
10:47 AM Changeset [5589] by Alex Samorukov
.appveyor.yml: fix reproducible builds and make it a bit more readable

Jan 15, 2024:

10:20 PM Changeset [5588] by Alex Samorukov
fix sha256sum binary name
9:46 PM Changeset [5587] by Alex Samorukov
Switch to release-signing and enable debugging to ensure that builds …
5:32 PM Changeset [5586] by Alex Samorukov
re-enable webhook after changing CI settings
5:16 PM Changeset [5585] by Alex Samorukov
leave only debug endpoint
5:07 PM Changeset [5584] by Alex Samorukov
add debugging of the signing requests
4:34 PM Changeset [5583] by Alex Samorukov
fix the build and add signing configuration
2:45 PM Changeset [5582] by Alex Samorukov
add experimental windows build support for the appveyor ci
10:13 AM Changeset [5581] by Alex Samorukov
fix markdown link
10:04 AM Changeset [5580] by Alex Samorukov
Add small readme.md file to satisfy SignPath requirments
3:38 AM Ticket #1799 (Modify SSSTC/SATA ERX-GD/CD to database (AF3MA31DTELT240A)) created by kobyou
Modify SSSTC/SATA ERX-GD/CD to database

Jan 14, 2024:

5:07 PM Ticket #1798 (drivedb.h: Seagate IronWolf Pro RegEx Improvement) created by S.Haupt
Dear Smartmontools-Team, I propose an update to the drivedb.h file in …
11:51 AM Ticket #1797 (add to drivedb: Unknown USB bridge 0x152d:0xb567) created by Vadim Stotchii
Hi, An hard drive behind an SATA Adapter with USB-3.2 interface …
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