Dec 13, 2023:

11:40 PM Changeset [5561] by Gabriele Pohl
drivedb.h: - SandForce Driven SSDs: SanDisk SD8SNAT128G1002 (#799) - …

Dec 12, 2023:

11:32 PM Changeset [5560] by Gabriele Pohl
drivedb.h: - Vendor attribute names for SandForce Driven SSDs: SanDisk

Dec 11, 2023:

8:35 PM Ticket #1782 (Windows drivedb update script returns "gpg.exe gpg.exe is not ...) created by Adam Piggott
When I try to execute the update-smart-drivedb.ps1 script in a …
4:06 PM Ticket #1500 (Unknown HDD WDC WUH721816ALE6L4) closed by Christian Franke
duplicate: Added in r5234, r5237, see ticket #1460.
4:02 PM Ticket #1500 (Unknown HDD WDC WUH721816ALE6L4) reopened by Christian Franke
Reopen to change resolution.
2:56 PM Ticket #1500 (Unknown HDD WDC WUH721816ALE6L4) closed by Gabriele Pohl
fixed: Device is found in recent drivedb.h […]
2:34 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Update Debian repology.org badge (diff)
2:29 PM Changeset [5559] by Gabriele Pohl
drivedb.h: - Phison Driven SSDs: SEDC600M(480|960|1920|3840|7680)G …

Dec 10, 2023:

11:53 PM Changeset [5558] by Gabriele Pohl
drivedb.h: - Toshiba N300/MN NAS HDD: TOSHIBA HDWG440 (#1749) - …

Dec 6, 2023:

6:05 AM Ticket #1781 (Add swissbitX-78m2 to drivedb) created by JoB
Attached you can find the txt output file according to FAQ. Device is …

Dec 5, 2023:

2:32 PM Ticket #1780 (add to drivedb: INTEL_SSDSCKHB340G4M) created by Dark_iaji
smartd's service reports this. […]

Dec 1, 2023:

5:32 AM Ticket #1779 (set smartd.conf settings based on type, manufacturer, model) created by calestyo
Hey. AFAIU, one can set DEFAULT options, device-specific option (by …

Nov 29, 2023:

5:12 PM Ticket #1778 (Kioxia Problems) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: There are no drive database entries for NVMe devices. See the …
1:02 PM Ticket #1778 (Kioxia Problems) created by Carlo
Hi, i've a problem with the KIOXIA disk KCD81RUG1T92. I'm look inside …

Nov 28, 2023:

4:12 AM Ticket #1777 (Device: /dev/sda, IE (SMART) not enabled, skip device, after smartctl ...) created by lockywolf
I have the following output of smartd -d […] I tried running …
3:12 AM Ticket #1776 (Please add SK hynix SE5110 ZIRCON LITE 3DTLC to the Database) created by ksj0312
Hi I'm an engineer at SK hynix. Recently, it was discovered that some …
3:09 AM Ticket #1775 (SK hynix's SATA drives are not in the smartctl/smartd database) closed by ksj0312
2:44 AM Ticket #1775 (SK hynix's SATA drives are not in the smartctl/smartd database) created by ksj0312
Hi. I am Soojae who works as an engineer at SK hynix. Recently, it was …

Nov 23, 2023:

10:41 PM Ticket #1774 (Verbatim Vi560 S3 (Silicon Motion)) created by René Bertin
This one must be very similar to the Vi550 that is already in the db …
7:29 AM Ticket #1773 (smartctl --scan can not detect the disks behind a megaraid controller ...) created by kate
I have a Dell PowerEdge 620 server. It was provisioned with linux os. …
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Added information for StarTech USB31C2SAT3 USB-to-SATA adapter. (diff)
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Nov 14, 2023:

8:31 AM Supported_USB-Devices edited by scrool
Add Seagate Expansion Portable 1 TB 0x0bc2:0x2322 (diff)
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