Jun 27, 2023:

11:36 AM Changeset [5487] by Alex Samorukov
Use clang-10 to fix FreeBSD cross-build
10:46 AM Changeset [5486] by Alex Samorukov
CI: build darwin packages for the arm64, drop i386 support

Jun 26, 2023:

2:01 PM Changeset [5485] by Christian Franke
ataprint.cpp, farmprint.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: Unify FARM related messages.

Jun 25, 2023:

7:29 PM Changeset [5484] by Christian Franke
smartctl.cpp: Don't include '-l farm' in '-x'. Suggest it if supported.
7:09 PM Changeset [5483] by Christian Franke
ataprint.cpp: Suggest '-x' option if only '-a' is used. ataprint.h, …
6:46 PM Changeset [5482] by Christian Franke
scsiata.cpp: Suppress NO DATA commands for '-d usbasm1352r,N' device …

Jun 24, 2023:

9:00 PM Ticket #1734 (Database update: Recent Samsung 870 EVO) created by Julia Tuttle
Hi wonderful smartmontools folks, Samsung seem to have changed the …

Jun 19, 2023:

5:57 PM Packages edited by Gabriele Pohl
Added direct links to Repology versions overview (diff)

Jun 18, 2023:

11:02 PM Ticket #1730 (Unknown USB bridge [0x04e8:0x61fb (0x100)]) closed by Christian Franke
duplicate: See ticket #1733 (2TB version).
10:54 AM Ticket #1733 (Add Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield to drivedb.h (0x04e8:0x61fb)) created by Sven "DrMcCoy" Hesse
Very similar to the regular T7, same bridge chip. Different USB PID, …
8:02 AM Ticket #1732 (Add Intenso TOP SSD to drivedb) created by JoB
Attached you can find the txt output file according to FAQ.

Jun 16, 2023:

8:10 PM Ticket #1731 (Add wd red pro 20T to drive db (WDC WD201KFGX)) created by elbandi
I have a new wd 20T red pro drive, smartmontools didnt know it. Please …

Jun 14, 2023:

9:48 PM WikiStart edited by Christian Franke
Update Debian repology.org badge (diff)

Jun 13, 2023:

7:42 PM Changeset [5481] by Christian Franke
utility.h: Fix check for USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO. Recent versions of …
7:32 PM Changeset [5480] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Don't define USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO if UCRT is used.
7:14 PM Changeset [5479] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Disable ASLR workarounds for newer versions of MinGW-w64.
3:48 PM Changeset [5478] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Skip _FORTIFY_SOURCE support check if 'nm' is missing.
3:30 PM Changeset [5477] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: MinGW: Fail if 'windres' is missing, warn if 'windmc' is …
2:50 PM Changeset [5476] by Christian Franke
Makefile.am: Allow MinGW builds also if the 'windmc' tool is missing.
2:43 PM Changeset [5475] by Christian Franke
smartd.cpp: Always notify READY=1 to systemd before 'exit(0)'. The …

Jun 12, 2023:

11:54 PM Ticket #1730 (Unknown USB bridge [0x04e8:0x61fb (0x100)]) created by skoehler
This is a Samsung T7 Shield, 4TB. It has a USB to NVMe bridge. I …

Jun 1, 2023:

10:49 PM BadBlockHowto edited by Artoria2e5
oops. minor fixes (diff)
10:37 PM BadBlockHowto edited by Artoria2e5
Add note about seaChest: you don't need to wait for the error log. (diff)

May 31, 2023:

8:50 AM Ticket #1729 (Windows: Drive via GUID) created by Artoria2e5
There's current a fairly convoluted translation from a /dev syntax to …

May 30, 2023:

5:19 PM Changeset [5474] by Christian Franke
Update NEWS.
2:36 PM Changeset [5473] by Christian Franke
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmprint.cpp: Also suppress NVMe Namespace IEEE EUI-64 …
1:57 PM Ticket #1222 (Smartd should ignore non-error entries from NVMe Error Information log) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5472.
1:55 PM Changeset [5472] by Christian Franke
smartd.cpp: Don't report new non-device related errors as critical …

May 29, 2023:

2:22 PM Changeset [5471] by Christian Franke
Add error messages for NVMe status values. dev_interface.cpp: Add …
8:34 AM BadBlockHowto edited by Artoria2e5
Add names for "debugfs" equivalents in other file systems: if you need … (diff)

May 28, 2023:

12:31 PM Ticket #1728 (Add one more C300 RealSSD to drivedb (MTFDBAK256MAG-1G1)) created by JoB
Attached you can find the txt output file according to FAQ. Device is …
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