Apr 10, 2022:

9:47 PM Ticket #1590 (add to drivedb: Sandisk Ultra 3D 1TB SDSSDH3 1T00 (different naming ...) created by wutr
The Sandisk Ultra 3D is already in the database, however this …
3:56 PM Ticket #1589 (add to drivedb: WDC WD20EFZX-68AWUN0) created by Gabriele Pohl
3:32 PM Ticket #1588 (add to drivedb: TSG64MTS400ISI) created by Gabriele Pohl
3:20 PM Ticket #1587 (add to drivedb: WDC WD121PURP-85B5SY0) created by Gabriele Pohl
3:14 PM Ticket #1586 (DEVICESCAN -n standby could work for SCSI & SAS devices too) created by tconnors
smartd.conf(5) says "-n POWERMODE" only works on ATA. My testing …
2:03 PM Ticket #1585 (add to drivedb: WDC WD140EDGZ-11B..) created by Gabriele Pohl

Apr 9, 2022:

9:57 AM Ticket #1584 (add to drivedb: Seagate IronWolf ZA500NM10002 125 SSD) created by Felix Buehl
New drive to add to drivedb. Manufactor details on all unwkown …

Apr 4, 2022:

12:53 AM Ticket #1583 (Add to drive database WD40EFZX) created by gfidente
4TB Red Plus NAS drive Specs at …

Apr 2, 2022:

4:11 AM Ticket #1582 (Add WD Black 4 TB 3.5" HDD to drive database) created by Eaton Zveare
I have a WD Black 4 TB 3.5" HDD and smartctl indicates it is not in …
4:05 AM Ticket #1581 (smartctl never completes when all information is requested from a 4K ...) created by Eaton Zveare
When the drive is configured 512e, there is no problem. When the drive …
2:42 AM Ticket #1580 (Add Seagate BUP Fast HDD to drive database (ASMT109x- Fast)) created by Eaton Zveare
I have a Seagate BUP Fast 4 TB HDD and smartctl indicates it is not in …

Mar 28, 2022:

11:02 PM Changeset [5348] by Doug Gilbert
os_linux.cpp [Linux only]: remove support from generic part for the …

Mar 24, 2022:

5:17 PM Ticket #1579 (TS32GMSM360) created by navikh333

Mar 23, 2022:

1:59 AM Ticket #1578 (improve Supported_RAID-Controllers (-d cciss)) created by calestyo
Hey. On https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/Supported_RAID-Controllers

Mar 18, 2022:

4:26 AM Ticket #1577 (add to drivedb: HPE VK000480GWSRR) created by cdevers-es
I would appreciate it if the smartmontools database supported the `HPE …
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