Mar 3, 2021:

3:31 PM Supported_USB-Devices edited by ErikZachrisson
Added Seagate 0x0bc2:0xab05 (diff)

Mar 2, 2021:

7:40 PM Ticket #1454 (Mail is only sent one recipient from the -m list, not counting plugins ...) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5210.
7:38 PM Changeset [5210] by Christian Franke
smartd_warning.sh.in: Fix handling of multiple email addresses in …
1:28 PM Ticket #1456 (disk is missed in database (TOSHIBA-VT180)) created by Михаил Черепанов
Model Family: Toshiba-VT180 Device Model: TOSHIBA-VT180

Feb 28, 2021:

4:05 PM Ticket #1455 (Add to drivedb: WDC 8TB My Book - WD80EDAZ) created by aboulfad
Hello, WDC-WD80EDAZ My Book 8TB is not in …

Feb 27, 2021:

8:24 AM Ticket #1454 (Mail is only sent one recipient from the -m list, not counting plugins ...) created by lockywolf
I have the following problem: My smartd.conf is the following: …

Feb 26, 2021:

11:40 AM Ticket #1453 (Short offline self test failed [unsupported scsi opcode]) closed by MANGOTRAKA
invalid: […]

Feb 25, 2021:

3:34 PM Ticket #1453 (Short offline self test failed [unsupported scsi opcode]) created by MANGOTRAKA
Got following result after executing smartctl -t short -a /dev/sdb …

Feb 22, 2021:

9:15 PM Ticket #1452 (Add to drivedb: Samsung SSD 883 DCT 3.84TB) created by Andrei Ivanov
Request to add a large capacity Samsung SSD to drivedb. Smartctl …
7:20 AM Ticket #1451 (Requesting -d sat entry for JMicron 0x152d:0x0583 (conflict with -d ...) created by bedaro
I recently bought a two-disk USB-SATA dock that does not work with …

Feb 21, 2021:

10:08 AM Ticket #1450 (Not in smartctl database: WDC WDS400T1R0A_68A4W0 (WD Red SA500 SSD 4 Tb)) created by hj
Could you add this drive to the smartmontools drivedb ? It's the WD …

Feb 20, 2021:

12:39 PM Supported_USB-Devices edited by yetanothermist
added 059f:1093 (diff)

Feb 18, 2021:

12:24 PM Ticket #1449 (Apacer-APS25AF7512G-5BTM1GWT) created by mssbid
See also: …

Feb 17, 2021:

1:17 PM Ticket #1448 ("Defect list not found" SAS SSD) created by Wolfgang
Hey folks, we are using Proxmox and with that smartmontools. We …

Feb 16, 2021:

11:39 PM Ticket #1447 (Unknown USB bridge [0x1058:0x264d (0x3012)]) closed by shuhao
invalid: Actually this functionality already exists and I need to read the …
11:35 PM Ticket #1447 (Unknown USB bridge [0x1058:0x264d (0x3012)]) created by shuhao
I have a WD easystore 264D 8TB (presumably 264D is some sort of model …
10:56 PM Ticket #1446 (Haiku Support) closed by Alex Samorukov
wontfix: No interfaces -> no way to support. Feel free to reopen if there are …
1:03 PM Ticket #1446 (Haiku Support) created by bitigchi
Haiku is a modern operating system, and a reimplementation of BeOS …

Feb 14, 2021:

7:02 PM Changeset [5209] by Alex Samorukov
os_darwin.cpp: implement APM set feature, based on hdparm macOS sources
5:29 AM Ticket #1445 (Donation?) created by Sean M. Brannon
Hello. First off, thank you very much for this project. I have used it …

Feb 12, 2021:

5:05 PM Ticket #1444 (Add support for Apacer AS350) created by Nipi Tiri
12:15 PM Ticket #1443 ([smartd] fix for otherwise always aborted selftests) created by Ch.Ris
Bug: smartd is often not able to schedule successful selftests …

Feb 11, 2021:

9:16 PM Ticket #1442 (Add to drivedb: KINGSTON SKC600MS256G) created by Matthew Eaton
Request to add KINGSTON SKC600MS256G to drivedb. …
7:01 PM Unsupported_USB-Devices edited by Pro Backup
10:50 AM Ticket #1441 (smartctl exit status 4 if SAT layer ignores CK_COND) created by TuxoHolic
Hello I use a Salcar EHCI "toaster" device with ID_VENDOR_ID=154b and …

Feb 10, 2021:

9:40 AM Ticket #1440 ('smartctl -n standby' wakes up Adaptec HBA adapter drives) created by Andrey P.
After update from smartctl 6.2 2017-02-27 r4394 Linux 3.10.0-693 to …

Feb 9, 2021:

11:35 PM Ticket #1439 (smartmontools compile fails with "undefined reference to ...) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5208.
11:20 PM Changeset [5208] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Include required library functions in check for …
9:25 PM Changeset [5207] by Christian Franke
Print drive database version in smartctl and smartd. knowndrives.cpp, …
1:25 PM Ticket #1439 (smartmontools compile fails with "undefined reference to ...) created by edso
the configure stackprotection detection …

Feb 7, 2021:

7:32 PM Changeset [5206] by Christian Franke
Makefile.am: 'check' target now also checks the built-in database.
7:22 PM Changeset [5205] by Christian Franke
Update NEWS.
6:04 PM Changeset [5204] by Christian Franke
smartctl.cpp: Fix 'optopt' range check (cppcheck 2.3: invalidFunctionArg).
5:47 PM Changeset [5203] by Christian Franke
scsiprint.cpp: Silence cppcheck 2.3 'unreadVariable' warning.
5:34 PM Changeset [5202] by Christian Franke
scsiata.cpp: Remove unused function 'has_usbcypress_pass_through()'.
4:08 PM Changeset [5201] by Christian Franke
Improve reproducibility if SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if set (GH pull/89). …
3:46 PM Ticket #1436 (Always add timestamp to json) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5200.
3:19 PM Changeset [5200] by Christian Franke
Always add timestamp to JSON output (#1436). Move non-JSON timestamp …

Feb 6, 2021:

5:13 PM Ticket #1438 (Harddisk is not in the smart database (FUJITSU MBA3073RC)) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: There are no drive database entries for SAS devices. See the …
4:49 PM Ticket #1437 (Wording: ATA Error Count, Device Error Count) closed by Christian Franke
wontfix: Changing long term smartctl output would break existing application …
2:35 PM Ticket #1438 (Harddisk is not in the smart database (FUJITSU MBA3073RC)) created by Ernie95
Hi My disk Fujitsu MBA3073RC is not in the database of smartctl. …
2:20 PM Ticket #1437 (Wording: ATA Error Count, Device Error Count) created by Graham Perrin
Are the two phrases synonymous? Or do ATA Error Count and …

Feb 5, 2021:

5:25 PM Ticket #1436 (Always add timestamp to json) created by Michael Schneider
json version, smartctl information, messages and exist status is …

Feb 2, 2021:

5:02 PM Ticket #1434 (NMVe SMART/Health Critical Warning Bit 3 (0x4) not necessary an error) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: This is likely a hardware or firmware issue and not a smartmontools bug.

Feb 1, 2021:

10:34 PM Changeset [5199] by Christian Franke
Silence more cppcheck 2.3 warnings.
9:36 PM Changeset [5198] by Christian Franke
Add C++11 'override' specifier where applicable (cppcheck: …
7:21 PM Changeset [5197] by Christian Franke
os_freebsd.cpp, os_linux.cpp: Replace deprecated bcopy() and bzero() …
6:54 PM Changeset [5196] by Christian Franke
cppcheck.sh: Mark cppcheck 1.86, 2.2 and 2.3 as tested.
6:51 PM Changeset [5195] by Christian Franke
cppcheck.sh: Remove suppress: bcopyCalled, bzeroCalled, missingOverride.
6:47 PM Ticket #1381 (--nocheck standby is ignored if device does not support power check ...) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: r5192.
6:46 PM Changeset [5194] by Christian Franke
cppcheck.sh: Add '-c' option.
6:34 PM Changeset [5193] by Christian Franke
json.h: suppress cppcheck: noExplicitConstructor.
6:26 PM Changeset [5192] by Christian Franke
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Optionally exit immediately if …
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