Mar 12, 2020:

2:31 PM Ticket #1305 (Sony 660p (INTEL SSDPEKNW512G8)) closed by Christian Franke
invalid: There are no drive database entries for NVMe devices. See the …
10:24 AM Ticket #1305 (Sony 660p (INTEL SSDPEKNW512G8)) created by Boris Koch

Mar 5, 2020:

7:07 PM Ticket #1304 (Add to drivedb: KINGSTON KC600 series) created by Matthew Eaton
Request to add Kingston KC600 series to drivedb. SMART attribute doc: …
5:17 PM Changeset [5038] by Christian Franke
Silence some cppcheck 1.85 warnings. nvmeprint.cpp, smartd.cpp: …
5:07 PM Changeset [5037] by Christian Franke
cppcheck.sh: Remove no longer used HAVE_*NTDDDISK_H defines.

Mar 1, 2020:

6:18 PM Changeset [5036] by Christian Franke
dev_intelliprop.cpp, dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Move option …
5:19 PM Changeset [5035] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: Fail if '--without-working-snprintf' is specified. …
4:35 PM Changeset [5034] by Christian Franke
os_win32.cpp: Remove backward compatibility fixes for include files of …

Feb 25, 2020:

9:26 PM Changeset [5033] by Christian Franke
Silence some warnings from g++ 9.2.
9:25 PM Ticket #1302 (configure.ac: fix stack-protector detection) closed by Christian Franke
fixed: Patch applied in r5032, thanks!
9:22 PM Changeset [5032] by Christian Franke
configure.ac: fix stack-protector detection. Use AC_LINK_IFELSE …

Feb 24, 2020:

7:38 PM Ticket #1303 (Physical block size not displayed after a drive reset) created by yhemery
Hi, On the HGST SS300 (SAS SSD), smartctl won't display the drive …

Feb 23, 2020:

4:31 PM Ticket #1302 (configure.ac: fix stack-protector detection) created by fabrice
Use AC_LINK_IFELSE instead of AC_COMPILE_IFELSE to check for …

Feb 19, 2020:

11:08 AM Ticket #1301 (Seagate Exos X16 ST14000NM001G-2KJ103) created by Samuel Ruprecht
Please add the Seagate ST14000NM001G-2KJ103 Model. Datasheet: …

Feb 16, 2020:

4:30 PM Ticket #1300 (Man page provides no clue how to interpret NVMe error log) created by xypron
[…] reports a lot of errors […] But unfortunately neither the …

Feb 13, 2020:

3:52 AM Ticket #1299 (--scan and DEVICESCAN shouldn't return ses devices on FreeBSD) created by asomers
On FreeBSD, SCSI Enclosure Services devices show up as /dev/sesX. …

Feb 12, 2020:

10:52 PM Ticket #1298 (Add ADATA IM2S3138E-128GM-B) created by Sebastian Schildt
Found it upgrading a laptop. Not in neweset db file, but still a lot …

Feb 11, 2020:

7:34 AM Ticket #1297 (Get/set/reset ATA ACS-4 ERC Power-on Timer Value) created by Christian Franke
ATA ACS-4 introduced three new function codes for SCT Error Recovery …
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