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add to drivedb: SAMSUNG PM871b — at Initial Version

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Component: drivedb Version: 6.5
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This is Hanwoori Koh.
I am sending this e-mail to add a new device which is PM871b to the Smartmontools Database.
I attached the smartctl-VENDOR-MODEL.txt log, and I also gave you two pictures that include the device information about FW Name, Model Name and SMART Attributes.
I kindly ask you to add this smart information to the Database of Smartmontools.
If the information is not enough to add to the Database, any feedback will be welcomed.
For your information, this device is base on SAMSUNG Electronics,
After adding the smart information to the Database successfully, people who use HP systems with PM871b will be happy to use Smartmontools to check their drives.

[FW Name and Model Name]
FW : MVT(0|2)[0-9]H(3|6)Q
Model Number : MZ(7|N)LN(128|256|512|1T0)HA(HQ|JQ|LR)-000H(1|7)

[SMART Attribute]
ID Attribute Description
1 Raw Read Error Rate
5 Reallocated Sector Count
9 Power-on Hours
12 Power-on Count
171 Program Fail Count (total)
172 Erase Fail Count (total)
173 Wear Leveling Count
174 Unexpected Power Loss Count
176 Unused Reserved Block Count
181 NON-4K Aligned Access Count
183 SATA Interface Downshift Count
184 End-to-End Data Errors Corrected
187 Uncorrectable Error Count
188 Command Timeout
194 Air Flow Temperature
198 SMART Off-Line Scan UECC Count
199 CRC Error Count
241 Total LBA Written
242 Total LBA Read
243 Total Media Writes

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