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Some of the Kingston SSD drives based on the phison chipset are wrongly added as Sandforce chipset — at Initial Version

Reported by: Alex Samorukov Owned by:
Priority: minor Milestone:
Component: drivedb Version: 6.4
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It was found that at least some of the drives are built on the phison chipset, but using sandforce attributes. These are similar but not the same, see (phison) and (sandforce). We need to split them to the separate drivedb records instead. Need to check which controller belongs to each chipset. This is the list:

bash-3.2$ grep \"KINGS drivedb.h
    "KINGSTON SE50S3(100|240|480)G|" // tested with SE50S3100G/KE1ABBF0
    "KINGSTON SH10[03]S3(90|120|240|480)G|" // HyperX (3K), SF-2281, tested with
    "KINGSTON SKC(300S37A|380S3)(60|120|180|240|480)G|" // KC300, SF-2281, tested with
    "KINGSTON SVP200S3(7A)?(60|90|120|240|480)G|" // V+ 200, SF-2281, tested with
    "KINGSTON SMS200S3(30|60|120)G|" // mSATA, SF-2241, tested with SMS200S3120G/KC3ABBF0
    "KINGSTON SMS450S3(32|64|128)G|" // mSATA, SF-2281, tested with SMS450S3128G/503ABBF0
    "KINGSTON (SV300|SKC100|SE100)S3.*G|" // other SF-2281
    "KINGSTON SUV300S37A(120|240|480)G" // UV300 SSD, tested with KINGSTON SUV300S37A120G/SAFM11.K
    "KINGSTON SNV425S2(64|128)GB|"  // SSDNow V Series (2. Generation, JMF618),
    "KINGSTON SSDNOW 30GB|" // tested with KINGSTON SSDNOW 30GB/AJXA0202
    "KINGSTON SS100S2(8|16)G|"  // SSDNow S100 Series, tested with KINGSTON SS100S28G/D100309a
    "KINGSTON SNVP325S2(64|128|256|512)GB|" // SSDNow V+ Series, tested with KINGSTON SNVP325S2128GB/AGYA0201
    "KINGSTON SVP?100S2B?(64|96|128|256|512)G|"  // SSDNow V100/V+100 Series,
    "KINGSTON SV200S3(64|128|256)G|" // SSDNow V200 Series, tested with KINGSTON SV200S3128G/E120506a

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